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3 Ways a Strong Brand Helps Homebuilder Marketing and Pricing Strategies

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Many homebuilders forget the importance of branding when setting prices and negotiating with customers. Unfortunately, failing to recognize the importance of your brand could reduce your profit margins and make it difficult to earn a living in this industry. Building a strong brand will help your homebuilder marketing to attract high-quality customers and generate more referrals. Here are three ways your brand will help you develop the right pricing strategy.

Inbound Marketing for Builders: How in the World Will Blogging Help Me Sell Homes?

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For a number of years we’ve been telling custom homebuilders and remodelers that having a robust, compelling blog is a critical component for successful marketing in today’s market. And we still have seasoned builders (who have heard their share of marketing promises) raise an eyebrow and ask, “How in the world will blogging help me sell homes?”

It’s a fair question. After all, people want you to build a home for them—not write stories about building homes, right? Actually, potential homebuyers do want you to talk about the building process online. Here’s why.

5 Ways Your Homebuilder Brand Impacts Sales

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We all know about the law of unintended consequences, right? Well, how about the law of invisible consequences – those that are not only unintended but you don’t even know about them until it’s too late. That’s the impact your homebuilder brand (or lack of one) can have on your sales and your bottom line. Why? Here are 5 ways a strong brand makes the world of difference to your marketing strategy.

#1: It Offers Clear Differentiation

There are lots of homebuilding companies out there. Lots! Breaking through the clutter is the biggest challenge business owners face. How do you compete with 20-odd other contractors in your area who all offer the same services? Sure, you do things differently, like providing architectural services for homeowners who are stuck finding someone. But does everyone know that? Or do they simply think you’re just another builder?

A strong homebuilder brand that highlights your unique selling point (USP)—and everybody has one—differentiates you from the competition without your prospective clients having to dig for information.

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