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5 Common Mistakes Home Builders Make On Google AdWords

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Did you know that approximately 80 percent of home buyers begin their search online? With so many potential buyers beginning their search on the internet, it’s absolutely critical for home builders to push their site to the top of search engines as quickly as possible. Of course, Google AdWords provides an immediate solution as SEO efforts begin to take hold, but AdWords also poses a unique challenge with its own set of considerations.

Google Adwords should be a critical component of any inbound marketing campaign. While most of these efforts focus on organic traffic, PPC offers an opportunity for instant gratification as other strategies develop results. Combined, SEO and PPC will compose approximately 90 percent of clicks across the web, so it’s no wonder that home builders are taking advantage of Google Adwords!

Still, the opportunity for mistakes exists and it’s crucial to avoid them for a successful inbound marketing campaign. Common pitfalls to avoid include:


1. Failing to Target Each Stage of the Buying Cycle

Failing to target each stage of the buying cycle. Just like any other purchase, home buyers go through a buying cycle that includes awareness, interest, learning more information, shopping the market and making a purchase. With so many stages in the buying process, home buyers must target each stage individually. The most common mistake is writing ad copy and using it over and over again. No wonder so many home builders decide to hire a specialized agency for their inbound marketing strategies!


2. Using Broad Keywords

Beginners in online marketing use broad keywords in the mistaken hope of trying to capture the largest traffic possible. However, this results in your ads getting lost in the mix and failing to target the right audience. The more specific your keywords, the more targeted your audience will be, which results in better conversion rates.


3. Forgetting About Content Marketing

Forgetting about content marketing. If your home building company is investing in Google Adwords, then it’s important to continue investing in content marketing as well. Many home builders make the mistake of investing in one or the other, but both should be used to create a powerful synergy until organic content ranks on its own.


3. Failing to Create Specific Landing Pages

Failing to create specific landing pages. When visitors come to your website through an ad, they shouldn’t land on the homepage. Instead, a custom landing page should welcome them based on the campaign that you’re running. Specific landing pages improve conversion rates – or at least help perspective clients through the sales funnel – because they target a specific need. Home builders that utilize landing pages experience enhanced results.


4. Overpaying for Mobile Users

Overpaying for mobile users. While it’s important to reach out to mobile users, the reality is that mobile users interact differently on a mobile device than they would on a desktop. You can create awareness among mobile users, but encouraging them to take action is typically more difficult.


Though it may seem simple on the onset, including Google Adwords as part of your inbound marketing strategy is filled with potential pitfalls. Instead of navigating these considerations yourself, be sure to partner with a qualified marketing agency to grow your home builder business. Feel free to request a marketing analysis today!