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Autoresponders: What They Are and Clever Ways Home Builders Can Use Them

Email Marketing for Home Builders, Home Builder Marketing

Marketing anything is about multiple contact opportunities. The more often you put your name and your brand in front of a potential customer, the more likely you will be to eventually make a sale.

However, as anyone who has done this type of marketing (as part of a home builder marketing strategy or otherwise) will tell you, brand building takes a lot of time and effort if you’re relying solely on an old-fashioned, real-world sales team.

Why Email Marketing Remains an Important Marketing Tool For Homebuilders

Email Marketing for Home Builders, Home Builder Marketing

With social media and an optimized website, you may be wondering why your homebuilding business still needs to invest in email marketing. After all, shouldn’t social media be enough to stay in touch with potential clients? Nope. The reality is that some “old fashioned” methods of Internet marketing continue to boast incredible ROI. Here are some of the most common questions homebuilders ask about email marketing.

Why is email marketing so effective?

According to Forbes, the latest data suggests that customer acquisition through email marketing has quadrupled. Furthermore,

How Homebuilders Can Follow Up On Leads Using Automated Email

Email Marketing for Home Builders, Home Builder Marketing

Generating leads is hard work. It’s even harder using them. Homebuilders and remodelers spend time and money on trade show exhibitions, website content and email marketing to name a few, and all too often those leads simply aren’t followed up because the sales team doesn’t have the time. Research from the Trade Show Exhibitors’ Association indicates that sales people typically follow up only the “hottest” leads and engage with those prospective customers, while the other 60 percent to 80 percent fall by the wayside.

Losing To the Competition

For the potential customer, it amounts to being ignored. They’ve provided their information for you to contact them. They’re expecting something from somebody—and much of the time, nothing happens.

A Builder Marketing Email Offer in 10 Minutes or Less

Email Marketing for Home Builders, Home Builder Marketing

With the right methodology, creating an effective email offer can produce a strong return of investment yet many builders shy away from sending emails because they think it is too time consuming.

You can overcome this time restraint by following the steps below the next time you sit down to create an e-mail offer.

1) A Clever Title

If you want a prospect to open your email then it all comes down to the right title. The title has to be concise, but also compelling and attention grabbing.

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