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The Simple Construction Marketing Plan [2022]

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The Best Marketing Plan

What is the best marketing plan? We would be lying if we told you that we had one marketing plan that is best for everyone. Instead, we came up with 3 things that you should focus on when developing or improving your marketing plan. Your marketing should be a full funnel marketing plan, should have consistency, and should be ever-evolving.  

In the video above, Spencer walks through the three things that the best marketing plan should be. In addition to reading the breakdown below, make sure to watch this video to hear more details about making your marketing plan full funnel, consistent, and ever evolving. For more videos like this, check out and subscribe to our YouTube channel!


1. Full Funnel

A full funnel marketing plan includes marketing activities that focus on every part of the funnel from the top, to the middle, and the bottom. 

  • Top of the Funnel: Top of the funnel marketing activities create awareness for and drive traffic for your business. The people who are targeted at this stage of the funnel are in research mode, and are potential buyers who might be prospects in the future. 
  • Middle of the Funnel: This stage of the marketing funnel attracts people who are further into their journey as a potential customer. At this point, they are usually engaging with websites as they explore more research about the product or services they are interested in by starting conversations with companies and downloading extra resources. These people are tactically starting to figure out how they are going to fulfill their needs. 
  • Bottom of the Funnel: Bottom of the Funnel marketing activities appeal to people who are ready to make their purchase decision. In this stage, people have already done their research, made their decision, and wanting to officially start the process with their chosen company. 

2. Consistency

When you are busy, it might get difficult to keep your marketing consistent, but we've seen that companies who are consistent throughout all times usually see the most success in their results. If you start and stop your marketing efforts when you are busy, you'll miss out on prospects who can join the top of the funnel and likely be ready at the bottom of the funnel once you have time for new clients. In today's digital age, if you're not consistently producing content on your blogs, website, and social media platforms your performance in those places will decline. It is easier to maintain and grow your current following than it is to rebuild your results after you reduce your content and marketing efforts. 


3. Ever Evolving

The best marketing plan cannot be static. When aspects of your marketing plan are not working or driving results, you need to change your plan. On the other hand, if you have something that is working really well for your company, you might want to ramp it up by allocating more money and time toward that plan. The best way to measure whether part of your plan is working or not is to have strong analytics in place so you have proof of which tactics are working and which are not. Ultimately, your marketing plan should look different than it was 5 years ago, unless you have data that shows that the same plan is still working really well for your company.


Final Thoughts

There isn't just one marketing plan that is the best because everything changes over time. Every company is different, has different competition, and is in a different market which means marketing plans need to be customized to each company. The three aspects of marketing mentioned in this blog should help guide your unique framework or marketing plan for your company. Remember to continue experimenting with your marketing efforts so your company can grow and evolve as the world changes. 


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