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Re-Targeting: How Remodelers Can Avoid Losing Good Leads

Spencer Powell | March 14, 2017

One of the challenges remodelers face continually is making sure that their “Leads Bucket” stays full of good leads. You work hard to generate those leads, so you don’t want to lose them once you’ve found them. So how can you keep those leads active and interested in your remodeling services?

One way to do that is through what you could call “re-targeting” your leads and prospects. It’s a pretty simple process that allows your to take advantage of content you’ve already created and tie it to other places your prospective clients are online—in this case: Facebook.

It works by installing a small snippet of code on your website that places a cookie on the computers of visitors to your site. This snippet of code sends information to Facebook: indicating which pages of your site a specific visitor viewed. When your prospect goes onto Facebook (after visiting your website) he or she will see a small ad as a reminder of what was on your site.


You can set this up so that the message/ad appears to anyone who has visited your site, or for individuals who have visited specific pages. You can also set it so that your message only appears for individuals who haven’t visited in a specific amount of time. You get to determine how you want to set the parameters.

What this does is it allows you to target those individuals and remind them why they thought your remodeling business was worth checking out in the first place. It’s another way to engage with potential customers. That’s critical, because it’s not enough to simply reach prospects; if you want to turn them into leads (and eventually customers) you need to engage them.

If someone who has already been to your site is drawn back to it based on seeing your message on Facebook, you can lead them directly to content you think may be important to them. You don’t just have to send them back to your home page (and hope they find something interesting); instead, you can be specific. Let’s say you notice that an individual spent most of her time looking at examples of kitchen remodeling. Your Facebook re-targeting could take that individual to a specific landing page that offers your free eBook on “Creating a Beautiful Kitchen.”

You don’t have to create a lot of new content. You’re simply using content you already have. You’re also not “cold calling” (or the online version of that). You’re not simply shooting out ads to people who may or may not be interested. You’re reaching out to people who have already expressed an interest in what you do. And, as I mentioned above, you’re engaging them. You’re offering them content that you know they care about. You’re letting them know that there is actually someone there who cares about helping them get answers to their remodeling questions.

You don’t have to let your precious leads leak away because you haven’t had the chance to get back to them. You can use re-targeting to get them to reach out to you and let you know what they want.


Topics: Digital Marketing for Remodelers