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3 Holiday Social Media Posts for Remodelers that Touch on Home Owner Pain Points

Nicole Raymond | December 15, 2018

The holidays are upon us, and we’ve got a few ways you can use this time of year to touch on your prospective clients’ pain points and encourage them to remodel their home in the coming year!

Holiday Post Fixed



Pain Point #1:

Your home is too small

A major pain point for a lot of families is that their home is too small. This could mean the house is too small to host family or it’s too small to fit their immediate family. There are hundreds of ways you could bring this pain point up, but here is an example you could use:

"Face it, your family has outgrown your home and the holiday season is even worse. Trying to accommodate out of town guests with no guest bedroom is miserable for everyone and congregating in the community spaces is a nightmare. Get a head start on next year’s holiday season by booking an appointment with us today. We can work with you to solve your holiday woes and create a beautiful and functional home you’ll love."


Pain Point #2:

Your Home is Outdated

Another common reason home owners remodel is that their home is outdated and doesn’t match the style that’s popular in today’s houses. It can be hard to welcome guests to your home when it looks like they’re stepping into the 1980s. Here’s an example you could use for the holidays:

"Are you too embarrassed of your outdated home to host for the holidays?  Give your sister a break next year and show off your newly remodeled home! Imagine a fresh new space for you and your family to enjoy each other’s company. Send us a message and get started on your remodeling project!"


Pain Point #3:

Your Home Doesn’t Have Proper Functionality

Lastly, home owners may have a functionality problem in their kitchen that makes it difficult to prepare meals for a large crowd. Similarly, their home may not be the best for entertaining holiday guests. Remind home owners that they could have a more functional home that would save them time. Here’s an example:

"Is your home lacking the functionality you need to prepare holiday meals and entertain guests? Have you been dreaming of an open floor plan? Remodel your home for functionality and make better use of the space you have. We’ll make sure you have the features that are most important to you."

Booking appointments now will help you get a head start on next year’s remodeling jobs. Don’t miss the opportunity to speak directly to your prospective clients and remind them that their home, just isn’t working.

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