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Profit First for Contractors & Remodelers w/ Shawn Van Dyke

Spencer Powell | Mar 14, 2022 7:15:00 AM | Builder Funnel Radio

Are you struggling to make a profit in your remodeling business?  Or maybe you just want to increase your profit.  If that's the case, this mini series is for you!

In a Builder Funnel Radio Original Mini Series, I host Shawn Van Dyke.

Take Your Profit First

In this mini series, you'll learn how to start capturing more profit in your construction business.  Shawn lays out the details of the 4 principles, the 5 foundation accounts you need to set up as well as the 3 rules you need to follow in order to be successful.  Near the end of the mini series, Shawn also details his time blocking system for being more effective with your time and your priorities in your business and in life.

Episode 1: Intro to Profit First

In episode one, Shawn and I introduce you to the Profit First philosophy and set the stage for what's to come. Learn about Shawn's background, experience and how he can to help construction businesses all over the world.

Episode 2: 4 Principles & 5 Foundation Accounts

In episode two, you'll learn the four core principles and how to apply them:

  1. Small Plates
  2. Serve Sequentially
  3. Remove Temptation
  4. Enforce a Rhythm

We'll also dive into how to set up your five foundation accounts and how they work:

  1. Income
  2. Profit
  3. Tax
  4. Owner's Compensations
  5. Operating Expenses (OPEX)

Episode 3: The 3 Rules for Success

Episode three is all about the three rules.  See what we did there?

  1. Rule #1: Your income is 100% of your budget
  2. Rule #2: Play the percentages
  3. Rule #3: Start small


Episode 4: Effective Time Management System

Learn the in's and out's of Shawn's effective time management system.  You'll discover:

  • How to avoid common time traps like phone calls and to do lists.
  • What effective prioritization looks like in the real world.
  • How to time block and accomplish more in less time.

Episode 5: Other Fundamentals and Next Steps

The final episode takes us home.  We cover some additional fundamentals to this framework and you'll get an overview of the Built to Build Academy.



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Shawn's Bio

Shawn Van Dyke is a construction business coach, an international keynote speaker, and author of two books - Profit First for Contractors and The Paperwork Punch List. Most contractors are not profitable which makes them feel uncertain about what they need to do to grow their construction businesses.  Shawn believes construction business owners should be as good at business as they are at their craft.

That's why, after twenty plus years of owning and operating multiple construction businesses, Shawn became a construction business coach. He now works with construction business owners, executives, and managers all over the world and shows them how to stop losing profits and wasting time.  Shawn helps contractors get their lives back.

He is the founder of the Built to Build Academy which creates confident construction business owners through educational, training, and mentoring programs so that you can start, grow, and build a profitable construction business.


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