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Episode 129: How to Close More Home Improvement Leads

Want some tips and tricks for trying to secure leads?

In this episode, Josh Carter from Hatch talks with Spencer about the best practices for getting in touch and following up with leads. 

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Episode 128: The Contractor “Lead Matrix”

Want to increase your close rates and improve your lead/sales process?

In this episode, Spencer breaks down the framework of the "Lead Matrix," and how it can separate you from competitors in this industry. 

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Episode 127: The Power of Inbound Marketing for Custom Builders

In this episode, Andrew Giannattasio talks about his relationship with Builder Funnel, and how Builder Funnel was able to take his marketing to the next level. Find out why Andrew has stuck around with us for so long, and learn about some of his experiences along the way!

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Episode 126: Power Partnerships

In this episode, Spencer talks about the importance of finding other businesses with similar audiences, and how you can team up to form a symbiotic business relationship that will benefit you, your partners, and your clients. 

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Episode 125: A High Performing Custom Builder’s Take on 2020

In this episode, Kim Hibbs talks the importance of marketing versus sales and how focusing on things such as leads over sales can take you to the next level. Kim also discusses his business and how it was opening in a new market! 

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Ep. 35: How Marketing Has Changed for Builders and Remodelers

In this episode Wes & Brooks Powell, discuss the journey in their early stages of businesses, the changes they’ve made along the way online, disruptive business ideas, and the overall importance of generating leads to generate business. 

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Episode 124: The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint

In this quick episode, Spencer talks about his first book launch titled The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint! Listen in to get the details!

Get your copy of The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint today!

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Ep. 34: Residential Construction Business Planning for 2021

In this episode, Wes & Brooks Powell discuss their processes going into the new year and the importance of installing systems for achieving both professional and personal goals. 

Listen to the latest episode of BFR below!

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Sales Mastery for Remodelers & Custom Builders w/ Bryan Kaplan

A Builder Funnel Radio Mini Series

Welcome to an exclusive Builder Funnel Radio Original Mini Series, Remodeling Sales Mastery w/ Bryan Kaplan.

In this mini series, Bryan is going to show you how to massively improve your sales process and close more deals.  We are going to go on a journey of awareness of the psychology behind selling, and why this is a crucial aspect of closing the RIGHT deals.  

Many people talk about how they aren’t naturally born sales people, and the fact is, not many are.  It’s a learned skill and in episode one we’ll start out by talking about the key ingredients that almost no one talks about.  

After that, we’ll get into the nitty gritty details: the psychology of selling, talking to strangers, charging for your estimates and pre-construction, and how to build your confidence and close the RIGHT deals.  

By the time you finish this mini series, you’ll have a very different perspective of how to motivate your prospects and how to control the sales process even if you don’t think of yourself as a natural-born salesperson

Who is Bryan Kaplan?

An early childhood fascination for all things Lego was the first sign that Bryan Kaplan was born to build. Bryan has walked in the same muddy boots you're probably in right now over his 21+ year career in the residential remodeling and custom building industry.  His experience leaves no stone unturned working from his early days as a Red Seal Certified Carpenter building large and small-scale remodeling projects, and custom new homes. Bryan is also a former Home Inspector, Certified Passive House Builder and has worked on over 300 projects totaling well in excess of $50+ million dollars.  Bryan's lived the business from the front lines as a Carpenter, Site Supervisor, Project Manager, and General Manager and along the way developed systems and mentored dozens of teammates, trade partners and colleagues alike.  

As a business coach, Bryan helps remodelers, contractors and custom home builders just like you improve your business and bottom line. Whether you are just getting started in the industry or ready to scale, he can help. His on-demand program will help newer professionals build a strong foundation. In his fun and engaging masterclasses, he brings industry leaders together to learn, network and improve their business skills – covering everything from setting up your systems, selling with confidence to tracking and understanding your financials. 

He’s helped hundreds of building professionals finally get paid for their expertise, become clear and confident in their processes, and feel at ease in their day-to-day operations. The result is an efficient and profitable business and a long list of raving clients.

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Episode 123: How to Build Value into a Home Improvement Sale w/ Dave Yoho

In this episode, Dave Yoho talks the universal fundamentals of sales for your construction or remodeling business. Adding value for your customers and clients is key, but how can you do that? 

Dave Yoho has decades of experience perfecting the art of the sale. Listen to Dave's insight here!

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