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Spencer Powell

Recent Posts

Episode 112: What I Learned After Spending $30K in 60 Days on Facebook Ads

In this week's episode, Spencer details the marketing process of Builder Funnel Academy, the agency's marketing subscription service.

Through his experience, he shares the strategy him and his team implemented to launch this marketing initiative. Learn his top tips on email marketing, qualifying leads, creating targeted Facebook ads, and more!

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Ep. 25: How to Build Your Residential Construction Company to Sell, Part 2

In Part 2, Wes and Brooks continue their discussion about the lack of publicly-traded remodeling companies from last week.

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Episode 111: How to Recruit & Keep Great Construction Professionals w/ Shawn McCadden

Spencer meets with Shawn McCadden, a remodeling industry speaker and remodeling consultant. They discuss how your business should address talent acquisition, compensation, employee incentives, etc.

Finding the right talent to do the jobs you need done can be complicated. If your business is in a growth phase, you must be recruiting ahead of time to keep up with how fast your business is evolving.

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Ep. 24: How to Build Your Residential Construction Company to Sell

There is a process every business owner must go through in order to sell their business. Wes and Brooks provide their insight into what investors in the residential construction market are looking for.

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Episode 110: Building Your Own Marketing Asset vs. Renting

In this episode, Spencer breaks down his thoughts on third-party lead generation tools, such as HomeAdvisor, versus establishing your own lead generation strategy. One gives you instant leads, but you pay the price for it. Listen for tips on creating content, building your website, and more!

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Episode 109: How to Grow a $30M+ Home Service Business w/ Tommy Mello

In this episode, Spencer meets with Tommy Mello, owner of A1 Garage Door Service, to discuss how he started his business. Tommy provides his experiences and insight into how to grow a successful business and find the right employees. Listen for tips on providing great customer service, hiring employees, marketing your business, and more!

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Episode 108: Outlook on Demand for Remodeling, New Housing and Digital Trends

In this episode, Spencer is joined by Danielle Russell and Taylor Rennick for a gut-check. They discuss how traffic and leads changed in the first 30 days of the pandemic and where they are now, six months later. Listen for the changes they've seen with their clients and their tips on trends to watch out for to bring your business forward.

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Ep. 23: Opportunities COVID-19 Is Creating for Residential Construction

Wes and Brooks share their advice on why being open to change is good for your family business. Business owners that listen and make changes based on what their clients are looking for will be better off.

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Episode 107: How to Brand Your Local Construction Business w/ Dave Miles

In this episode, Dave Miles of Miles Brand discusses all things branding. He talks about branding on a local level, how much you should be spending on marketing tactics, and how to differentiate your brand.

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Ep. 22: Does Work-Life Balance Exist for Construction Businesses?

Find yourself at work all the time? Fear that you're missing out on things going on in your personal life? It's a concern most professionals have throughout their careers. Sometimes work success spells danger for personal matters. 

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