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Spencer Powell

Recent Posts

Episode 81: Sales Strategies for Contractors with Mike Claudio

Are you struggling with wasting time on the wrong prospects? You're not alone. In this episode, Mike Claudio of WinRate Consulting gives us his best sales tips and strategies he's developed throughout his career.

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Episode 80: Display Ads & PPC vs. Content Assets

Are display ads overrated? Display ads and pay-per-click (A.K.A. PPC) are useful at driving traffic but may not be converting leads once they get to your website. In this episode, Spencer talks about why content assets may be a better investment.

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Episode 79: Turning Internet Leads into Construction Sales with Leah Fellows

Do you treat your website like a sales tool, like a digital model home? You should. In this episode, Leah Fellows of Blue Gypsy, Inc. gives us her best online sales tips informed by over 14 years in home builder sales.

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Episode 78: Should Builders & Remodelers Be Podcasting for Marketing?

How could podcasting benefit your remodeling or home builder business? In this episode, Spencer goes through his experience with podcasting and gives tips on how contractors can use the format to their advantage to take their business to the next level.

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Episode 77: Build Your Dream Team with Vicki Suiter

How to Build Your Dream Team

How do you build your dream team? And how do you maintain it once you get there? In this episode, Vicki Suiter, owner of Suiter Business Builders in Novato, CA, guides us through the process of building a dream team by focusing on what truly motivates your employees and being clear about what defines success for your team from the get-go.

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Episode 32: Estimating for Remodelers Decoded w/ Michael Stone

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Michael Stone of Markupandprofit.com. Michael is a business coach in the construction industry, and he has over 58 years of experience. We don't mean to date you Michael, but that's an impressive feat!

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Episode 76: From ME to TEAM: Lessons Learned from 10 Years Building & Leading a Team


Tips for Creating a Positive Work Environment

How do you create a positive work environment? Spencer gives a rundown on how he started his builder Funnel with a focus on the team and core values in order to grow Builder Funnel's culture from the ground up.

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Episode 75: How Magleby Construction Is Succeeding with Vertical Integration

Spencer Powell | Feb 11, 2020 9:19:05 AM | Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation

Vertical integration. The term itself is daunting, but the results are lucrative. In this episode, Pierrette Tierney, VP of Business Development at Magleby Construction, lifts the veil and gives the lowdown on how you can make vertical integration work for your company.


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Episode 74: FAQs About Auto Posting, Website Value, & Bad Reviews

3 of Your Most Common Contractor Marketing Questions, Answered

Do I really need a website to generate leads? How do I deal with negative or fake reviews? Do I need marketing when business is good? These are questions the Builder Funnel team is asked all the time.

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Episode 73: How to Prevent Construction Fraud with Nicole Landau

Spencer Powell | Jan 28, 2020 10:38:12 AM | Builder Funnel Radio

Construction Fraud Is More Common than You Think

Not only is construction one of the most common industries to find fraud, it often happens totally by accident. Two common reasons for this are 1) the company only has one person doing the accounting, and 2) the owners/executives are not involved enough in the accounting process.

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