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Episode 45: How to Retain Great Employees and Build Company Culture w/ Josh Munns

In this episode, Spencer hosts Josh Munns of groundupconstruct.com. Josh was raised in the world of entrepreneurship. He watched his mother build a million dollar business, before Josh himself joined in the efforts.

Josh has a wealth of experience, but his passion lies within the people of the construction industry. He is an expert in hiring new employees, training them, and making sure they stick around for a long time. In the construction industry, everyone is struggling with building a good team. If you have the same struggle, then this episode is for you.

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Episode 44: Grow Your Construction Company with Facebook Ads w/ Adam Sand

In this episode, Spencer hosts Adam Sand of RoofingBusinessPartner.com. Adam's company was one of the first to solve the Facebook Ads puzzle for the construction industry. He has Facebook Ads down to an art and in this episode he shares some killer tips.

We talk about the Facebook Pixel, what it is and how to use it, how to test your ads, respond to internet leads, and much more. Facebook Ads present the opportunity for small companies to make a big impact. If your construction business could use more quality leads, then this episode is for you.

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Episode 43: The Customer Experience Funnel (CEF) w/ Kimberly Mackey

In this episode, Spencer hosts Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions Consulting.

Kimberly talks us through the Customer Experience Funnel(CEF). Kimberly talks about where the CEF starts, how it works, the different stages of the CEF and how to master yours to improve your homebuyer customer experience.

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Episode 42: How to Improve Home Sales w/ John Palumbo

In this episode, Spencer hosts John Palumbo of johnpalumbo.com. John has over 15 years of home sales experience. John talks about everything from influence vs. persuasion, how to sell without feeling pushy, how to document your sales process, and even how to be a great salesperson as an introvert. The sales process is critical to the survival of your business. If you believe your sales process could be improved, then this episode is for you.

Catch it all here on Builder Funnel Radio!

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Episode 41: How to Remove Chaos from Your Construction Business with Todd Dawalt

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Todd Dawalt of the Construction Leading Edge podcast, and Constructionleadingedge.com. Todd talks about how to restore a struggling business to greatness.

If you're looking for tangible takeaways that you can use to improve your construction business's bottom line, you've come to the right place. Todd talks about things like how to deal with cash flow issues, how to grow as a leader, and how to develop lasting relationships when there is already bad blood. He drops some great knowledge in this episode that you will not want to miss.

Catch it all here on Builder Funnel Radio!

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Episode 40: Nurturing Home Builder Leads with Online Sales featuring Jen Barkan

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Jen Barkan of DoYouConvert.com. Jen is an online sales specialist, and she talks us through what a good online sales specialist does. Jen talks about why this role is so important, what exactly they do within your company, how much to pay them, and much more.

With so many buying decisions being influenced by the internet, it is critical that your company know how to properly nurture internet traffic and leads into happy customers. Jen shares many of her tips and tricks this week on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 39: Lean Operations for Construction with Joe Stoddard

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Joe Stoddard of mountainconsulting.com.

Joe is an expert in homebuilder processes and systems. He helps homebuilders and remodelers get their businesses under control by identifying problems in their operations and helping fix them.

Joe talks about everything from why systems are so important, how to achieve the "ZERO" Punch-list, how to master the warranty process, and much more. If you own a growing or struggling construction company, then this episode is for you.

Check it out here on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 38: Making Profit A Habit with Shawn Van Dyke

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Shawn Van Dyke of Profitfirstcontractor.com.

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Episode 37: Mastering Home Builder Customer Service w/ Carol Smith

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Carol Smith of Home Address. We talk about Customer Service, and how it can be used to grow your business. Carol got her start by doing mortgages when interest rates were 15%+! Can you imagine?!

Carol discovered that she had a knack for the customer service element, and after her boss sent her to Washington DC to give a presentation on customer service -  Carol decided to pursue a career in the field and has been doing it ever since. Now Carol helps construction business owners rework or build from the ground up - fantastic customer service systems.

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Episode 36: How to Achieve Massive Business Growth w/ Josh Kelly

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Josh Kelly of Parker & Sons HVAC and Revukangaroo.com.

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