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Blogging For Builders And Remodelers: Taking Advantage Of Momentum

Spencer Powell | March 27, 2013

If you’re in the home building industry—whether it’s building new custom homes or remodeling existing homes—you constantly hear the well-worn mantra of real estate professionals: “Location, location, location.” When it comes to blogging about building or remodeling, however, there’s another mantra you might want to consider: “Timing is everything.”

Right now people across the country are thinking about building and remodeling. Momentum has been building for some time. Part of that is due to the fact that the media is talking about it. One recent article cites The National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s (NARI) forecast that the next few months will be see all-time home building highs. When looking back at the last quarter of 2012, NARI saw the following growth indicators:


  • Current business conditions up 2.1% since last quarter
  • Number of inquiries up 3.9% since last quarter
  • Requests for bids up 3.7% since last quarter
  • Conversion of bids to jobs up 3.5% since last quarter
  • Value of jobs sold is up 4.3% since last quarter

Part of the growth, according to NARI is that homeowners—while still somewhat concerned about spending money—simply can’t put off improvements anymore. They want and need to make decisions now.

Investors see some of the same pent-up demand in the new housing industry. A CNNMoney article reported that, “Hedge funds and private equity firms have been rushing in to buy up companies and assets in every part of the housing supply chain, including undeveloped land, home builders, foreclosed homes and building parts manufacturers.”

So how can you take advantage of this momentum with your home building or home remodeling blog?

It’s important to remember how your potential clients use the Internet when it comes to building or remodeling. They have tons of questions about the process. They want to know what mistakes to avoid. They want to know new design trends and what new materials are available to them. And they want to know all of this before they make a buying decision.

Where are they going to look for answers? Yep! Online. And if you’re talking about the things that matter to them—in clear, helpful ways, using the kind of language they’d use to describe their questions and issue—you will be found by them. But what you put out has to be good quality, and it has to be consistent. And the more quality content you put out on a regular basis, the more likely it is that potential clients in your area will turn to you for answers—and for a bid when they’re ready to build.

Timing may not really be everything, but it’s too important to ignore when you’re trying to take advantage of a window of opportunity.


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