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5 Content Ideas for Community Home Builders

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5-Content-Ideas-for-Community-Home-Builders.jpgIf you’re a community home builder you know that it’s important to stay in front of prospective homeowners with up-to-date, helpful information that they can actually use.  That means having fresh content on your website, in your blogs, and on social media on a regular basis.

You already know that the sales cycle for building a new home is fairly lengthy and that you have to cultivate relationships before individuals are ready to buy. What kind of content can you create that will keep potential clients and coming back to you?

Here are five ideas for creating the kind of content that will keep prospects engaged and coming back for more.

In-Progress Construction Photos

We always hear that a picture is worth 1,000 words. It’s true with home building. Not only do potential clients get to see you creating something beautiful, but these photos also educate them (gently) about the home building process. That helps set expectations for after you close the deal. Photos of a job in progress are great for your website and for social media such as Instagram or Facebook.

Home Buying Checklists

A lot of people like having tools that help them organize their thoughts and their activities. A home building checklist is a neutral tool (it’s not pushy) that helps prospective home buyers keep track of all the important questions and details involved in building a new home—including things they may not have considered. It provides a benefit to them. And it reminds them that you are a helpful company.

Area Activities

Yes, your prospects are very interested in what goes on inside their homes, but knowing what’s going on in the new community where they may live is a huge factor in choosing where to build. Keep them informed of activities and events in the surrounding area. And because schools are a huge deciding factor for many families, it’s a good idea to let prospects know about awards and recognition for good schools in your area.

Open House Education

Naturally it’s good to get potential buyers into a model so that you can show off your quality and craftsmanship. But combine that with education about choices they’ll make. Invite partners and experts in for a brief presentation about cabinets, flooring, HVAC, countertops, and other features in the home. The post a summary of what was covered to help prospects make wise choices.

Local News You Can Use

If there are current events that could affect the community where you’re building, comment about them. For instance, if access to mass transportation is important in your area, highlight stories that talk about that. Or if new schools are being built in the area, make sure prospective buyers are aware. If there are new employment opportunities coming to the area, highlight those as evidence that this is a good community in which to live.

Theses are just a few ideas for creating content for your site. But why all the fuss about “content” in the first place? The fact of the matter is that sites with more and better (that includes relevant and fresh) content simply perform better. 

In short: more content attracts more viewers and that generates more leads.

Keep the content on your website fresh, relevant, helpful, and interesting. When people look for builders they look on the Internet first. Make sure your business is one they find because you have the information they’re looking for.

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