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4 Ways Home Builders Can Generate Revenue Using Facebook

Spencer Powell | March 8, 2013

Most home builders are aware that social media is playing a major role in online marketing strategy. Every home builder should be proactively seeking opportunities to capitalize on the leading social media platforms. Facebook is, of course, the biggest of these platforms. Here’s how home builders can generate revenue using Facebook.

1. Make an Offer They Can't Refuse

Home builders can design and promote offers to share with their audience through Facebook. You can make an offer available exclusively to fans of your page. A specific offer with a deadline can motivate followers to get off the fence and request a consultation or follow up with the brand to learn more. Such an offer gives a potential customer the incentive to make direct contact with your brand; it also provides an additional opportunity for the brand to sell directly to followers.


2. Utilize Targeted Paid Ads

Paid ads on Facebook can heighten brand awareness. Facebook is set up to distribute ads in a highly targeted way. If a person has shown interest in a particular subject, such as remodeling or interior decorating, related ads are displayed to that individual. Facebook’s algorithm takes into account a person’s social activity on the website, which means that dollars invested in Facebook advertising are well spent: they are shown only to those most likely to buy the product or service.



3. Run Facebook Contests

Contests are a great way to build an audience quickly. A home builder can launch a contest that encourages followers to suggest a friend, family member, teacher, or service member who could benefit from an upgrade or home makeover. The contests can be tied to a seasonal theme or marketed as a Facebook customer appreciation initiative. You can do them periodically – especially during the slow months – to drive business and increase fans.


4. Case Studies

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a project in process. Try posting a video case study so fans who follow the page can watch a project as it is completed. Video, images, content, and interviews make the process even more interesting. Fans can submit questions about the project and get answers. People who follow case studies develop a closer relationship with the brand, and builders can use case studies to demonstrate their professionalism and polish their reputation.

Home builders can generate revenue using Facebook through offers, contests, ad placement, and video case studies. Facebook marketing for home builders can produce leads, build audiences, engage fans, and promote interaction with your brand.


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