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10 Home Builder Marketing Goals For the New Year

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Developing an online strategy for a home building business can be difficult if you don’t have clear-cut goals you want to achieve, but it doesn’t have to be! The potential of online marketing is massive and specificity is critical to your long-term success. Below, we highlight 10 goals we believe will help you achieve your 2014 marketing efforts.


1. Invest in greater content marketing. Folks, it’s clear that content marketing is here to stay. Whether you’re repurposing old content for new channels or consistently publishing new ideas, quality content is critical to any marketing strategy. After all, content is what composes the bulk of your email, social media and SEO campaigns!


2. Evaluate your website. Do you think time flies? Well, it blazes by in the online world. What’s trendy in web design today will be passé next week. While most home builders won’t have to invest in a totally new site, it’s important to ensure that your website design is up to date.


3. Keep track of the competition. Yes, more and more of your competitors are ramping up their online marketing strategy. Are you behind, keeping up or ahead of the game? By making it a priority to check on your competitors, you can ensure that your marketing strategy makes you a leader in your industry.

4. Boost integrated marketing. Just because online marketing and website design are incredibly important, it doesn’t mean that you should forget about everything else! Remember, television, sports, fliers and other forms of traditional marketing are still effective.


5. Go smaller. Many home builders fall into the trap that bigger is better. In 2014, we expect wide use of minimalist trends, especially when it comes to website design. The recent iOS7 update from Apple aptly represents the trend that simplicity cuts through the clutter and resonates with consumers.


6. Boost organic web traffic by 10 percent. As you invest in content, email and social media marketing, you’ll want to see tangible results. Setting a goal for 10 percent more organic visitors in 2014 will give you the motivation to really push your online marketing strategy to the max.


7. Focus on mobile users. Web users in all industries are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to browse the web. Homebuilders that want to stay competitive in this ever-evolving digital landscape must invest in mobile marketing.


8. Establish an editorial calendar. Instead of simply investing in more content, an editorial calendar ensures that your content has a purpose.


9. Stick to that editorial calendar. Many businesses pledge to follow a content marketing plan. Fulfilling that plan to fruition, however, is a different challenge.


10. Build trust. One of the largest obstacles during the home buying cycle is building trust. Through consistent content, brand messaging and client interaction, your business will have an easier time overcoming objectives that stop potential buyers. Don’t be afraid to get creative. The same messaging on your blog and social media pages can get boring.

What are some ways you can spice up your online marketing strategy?