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Utah Remodeling Companies to Consider [2022]

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Are you searching for the perfect remodeling company in Utah to transform your home? We're here to help! Builder Funnel is a marketing agency that works exclusively with remodelers, builders, and contractors so we know a thing or two about what to look for during your selection process! That's why we created this helpful list of pre-screened, hand-selected Utah remodelers. How do we do this? Learn more about our recommendations and screening process here.


Without further delay, you'll find two pre-screened remodeling companies for each of the top largest 5 cities in Utah below!

Salt Lake City Remodeling Companies

To make your search for remodeling companies in Salt Lake City, Utah easier, we found these two companies for you to consider!

Crossbeam BuildersCrossbeam Builders

With over 20 years of experience, Crossbeam Builders is a full-service contractor that offers a variety of remodeling and home building services. Their website includes a thorough portfolio and several testimonials that attest to their quality of work. In fact, they make their reviews more personable by providing video testimonials from past clients on top of the written ones. Crossbeam Builders transparently displays their licenses and certifications on their website to assure their accreditation. We definitely recommend looking into Crossbeam Builders for your next remodeling project.  


Grant Norris Building CompanyGrant Norris Building Company

If you are looking for remodeling or custom home building services in Salt Lake City, Grant Norris Building Company is an option that you have to consider! You can view a portfolio of their recent work on their website alongside in-depth descriptions of the project. Grant Norris Building Company takes pride in using high-quality materials to make all of their projects last a lifetime. Their services include home construction, remodeling, and design.


Provo Remodeling Companies

Here are two remodeling companies that can help with your next remodeling project in Provo, Utah:

Miller Construction SpecialistMiller Construction Specialist

With clear values, principles, and goals listed throughout their website, Miller Construction Specialist establishes clear expectations for your experience as their client. You can browse their portfolio to find images of their projects during construction and the finished products of home remodels, commercial projects, and new home builds. To find out more information about their services, you can download their professional brochure. If you are interested in learning more about how Miller Construction Specialist can bring your construction or remodeling needs to life, they make it easy to contact their leadership team with the information on their website!


Green Tech ConstructionGreen Tech Construction

Green Tech Construction specializes in eco-friendly construction with their award-winning home building and remodeling services. They transparently provide reviews of their work and a portfolio to you to browse while making your consideration. In order to help you learn more about green homes, they have an entire page dedicated to information about building green. They provide their ideals on their website along with their awards and certifications so you have an idea of what kind of environment to expect while working with them. We hope that you look into Green Tech Construction for your remodeling or home building needs. 


Orem Remodeling Companies

Based on our research, here are two remodeling companies to consider for your next project in Orem, Utah!

RC Dent ConstructionRC Dent Construction

With over 40 years of experience and several local award to acknowledge their quality work, RC Dent Construction provides custom home construction, remodeling, and commercial construction services. You can head to their website to view the beautiful galleries of their work and customer testimonials to see if their past work will meet your satisfaction. If you're interested in considering RC Dent Construction for your next home building or remodeling project, you can see a detailed description of their entire process on their website. We definitely recommend checking them out!


Ideal Kitchen and Bath

Ideal Kitchen and Bath

If you are looking for a contractor to remodel your kitchen or bath in near Orem, Utah, we suggest that you consider Ideal Kitchen and Bath. You can find all of their accreditations, awards, and license information on their website for your reference. With over 25 years of experience, the Ideal Kitchen and Bath team uses their expertise to maximize your space and ensure that you love the final results. To view their past work and reviews, you can view their categorized portfolio on their website which can help you make you decision about whether Ideal Kitchen and Bath is the right choice for your next remodeling project!


Sandy Remodeling Companies

Two remodeling companies that you should check out in Sandy, Utah are here: 

Cransten Handyman and RemodelingCransten Handyman and Remodeling

Cransten Handyman and Remodeling uses technology to inspire their projects. In addition to the work they do in Utah, they also have locations in Tennessee, Colorado, South Carolina, and North Carolina. All of Cransten's employees are recruited from the best of the best then trained to be top employees in the field. On top of the remodeling services that Cransten offers, they also have handyman and maintenance services. Their portfolio is easily accessible on their website so you can know what to expect. Another unique offering that Cransten provides is a monthly membership that allows you to pay a monthly subscription fee to have continual services on your home. 


New Dawn RenovationsNew Dawn Renovations

Established in 2015, New Dawn Renovations can do any of your renovations or custom home building. They pride themselves on their thorough communication throughout your project. Their portfolio of projects shows photos throughout the entire process for you to see transparency of the project from beginning to end. As a growing company, New Dawn Renovations is willing to think differently and creatively about your next home building project, and their reviews prove that it has worked out thus far! We highly recommend considering New Dawn Renovations for your next project! 


St. George Remodeling Companies

If you live in St. George Utah or the surrounding area and are looking for remodeling services, here are some recommendations!


Canyon Kitchen and BathCanyon Kitchen and Bath

Canyon Kitchen and Bath offers kitchen and bath remodeling services and new home building. Their website contains information about all of the products and materials that they carry. They provide a sense of transparency with their gallery of ways they used granite, tile, marble, and glass. If you are looking for a contractor to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, we recommend considering Canyon Kitchen and Bath!


The Flooring StudioThe Flooring Studio

The Flooring Studio is owned by Heidi Berlin who has 16 years of experience in the remodeling industry and a keen eye for design with all of her projects. They have a wide variety of remodeling services and have won awards including Best of Southern Utah in 2019 and 2020. You can see some of their past projects in the photo gallery on their website, and these photos show the attention to detail that The Flooring Studio puts into their projects. You should definitely check out The Flooring Studio for your next remodeling project in St. George or Southern Utah.


Selecting a Utah Remodeling Contractor

We hope you enjoyed Builder Funnel's pre-screened recommendations for Utah remodeling contractors to consider. Remember, our recommendations are only remodelers we recommend checking out further. We base our recommendations off of online information accessible to the public including, but not limited to, reviews, testimonials, license numbers, imagery, portfolios, websites, and social profiles, and have not personally worked with these companies.

How can you screen companies further? You can make sure they have a valid license for the work you're looking for, and ask for and check their references. In addition, look at various testimonials and reviews, browse their project portfolio, and learn more about their company's reputation. Check out this article on how to vet contractors for more information!

We hope you enjoyed this article on Utah Remodelers to consider for your next project! Until next time, remember to do your research, and Builder Funnel wishes you all the best in finding the perfect remodeler for your Utah home! 


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