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Books Every Remodeler, Contractor, & Builder Should Read in 2022

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Reading is a great way to simultaneously gain knowledge and have fun! Books provide you with a great way to learn at your own pace and on your own time, and it is extremely accessible. Our team here at Builder Funnel is constantly finding new reads to help us improve our leadership, marketing, and business skills. If you are looking for ways to improve your skills with your contracting, remodeling, or home building business - we have some recommendations for you to read this year. 



Leadershift John C Maxwell

Leadershift by John C. Maxwell

Change is happening so quickly that if you don't learn how to adapt, you'll be left behind. That's why we need to know how to leadershift. In John C. Maxwell's renowned book, he shows leaders how to achieve better business and personal growth. He shares 11 shifts he made to make him into the leader he's become. By utilizing these shifts, contractors, remodelers, and home builders can find success in an ever-changing world.


Lobster on a Cheese Plate Mark HarariLobster on a Cheese Plate by Mark Harari

Prospects want to know why you are the best choice for them, and they try to answer that question on their own as soon as they find you. In Mark Harari's step-by-step guide, he offers advice about how contractors, remodelers, and home builders can stand out as the best choice in their markets so they can win against any competition. 




Sell Like Crazy Sabri SubiSell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby

While some people might consider this book a bit intense, the advice can be life-changing for business. In Sell Like Crazy, Sabri Suby shares his strategies that led his digital agency (King Kong) to rapid growth and success. Contractors, remodelers, and home builders can use Suby's 8-phase system to grow their company by generating more leads, making more sales, and earning more profit. 




Traction Gino WickmanTraction by Gino Wickman

In Traction, Gino Wickman provides The Entrepreneurial Operating System® to help business leaders achieve their goals. Wickman offers six key components of business accompanied with ways to boost those components. With this knowledge, you can gain full control of your business and grow more successful.





Your Next Five Moves Patrick Bet DavidYour Next 5 Moves by Patrick Bet-David

With an analogy between the game of chess and business strategy, Patrick Bet-David (creator of the Valuetainment YouTube channel) examines how you can plan ahead for Your Next 5 Moves to achieve your goals. This book will offer clarity, strategy, growth tactics, skills, and insight for entrepreneurs in contracting, remodeling, and home building to improve their business. 



Extreme Ownership Joacko Willink Lief Babin

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin

Being involved in a SEAL task unit in Iraq taught Jacko Willnk and Leif Babin the importance of leadership in success. Now, they share their leadership knowledge to help businesses grow through their company, Echelon Front. In Extreme Ownership, Willink and Babin will help you learn to improve and utilize your leadership skills to help you "win" based on their principles. 



Who Not How Dan Sullivan Dr. Benjamin HardyWho Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin P. Hardy

Who Not How focuses on shifting your mindset to the question, "Who can do this for me?" rather than always asking, "How can I do this?". Dan Sullivan applied this tactic in his own entrepreneurial adventures and earned many successes, and now he is sharing his secrets with you!  Contractors, remodelers, and home builders can apply this advice to utilize their network and those individuals who can help them accomplish their goals and reach their uncapped potential. 


12 Week Year Brian P Moran12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran

Straying from the typical year-long execution cycle for business goals can improve productivity. Brian P. Moran developed a 12 week cycle to use instead, which amplifies urgency to get things accomplished. In this how-to book, you can learn how to be more effective with your time in every area of your life! This tactic can help you accomplish your goals and complete your next construction, remodeling, and home building projects quicker than before. 



Man's Search for Meaning Viktor E FranklMan's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

In his time in Nazi concentration camps, Viktor Frankl conceptualized his perspective about the primary motivation of life for humans. Opposing Freud's theory that every action in life is driven by pleasure, Frankl theorized that the search for purpose or meaning motivates human life. Man's Search for Meaning and Frankl's journey can inspire you to persevere through any challenges in life. 




The Coaching Habit Michael Bungay StanierThe Coaching Habit by Michael Stanier

Do you want your work to be easier, yet more impactful? The Coaching Habit offers advice about how to seamlessly integrate coaching into every day to do just that. In this book, Michael Stainer outlines his "seven essential coaching questions" to help you improve your contracting, remodeling, or home building business and create great coaching habits.



Atomic Habits James ClearAtomic Habits by James Clear

James Clear is an expert in how-to create good habits and break bad ones. In Atomic Habits, Clear describes how you can develop the desired and prevent the bad habits by showing how people in various fields utilized their habits to achieve success. Contractors, remodelers, and home builders can use this advice to form the best habits to help their business grow and succeed. 



The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint Spencer PowellRemodeler Marketing Blueprint by Spencer Powell 

Consumer habits in the remodeling industry are constantly evolving, and to keep up, your marketing strategy needs to evolve with them. In The Remodeler Marketing Blueprint, Spencer Powell highlights the the power of creating content to help consumers find you through social media and your website. The advice in this book will help contractors, remodelers, and home builders learn how to optimize their platforms to gain traction, improve profits, and grow their companies. 



We hope some of these books caught your eye so you can start reading to learn and improve your construction business skills. While these 12 books make up our must-reads for contractors, remodelers, and home builders in 2021, we know that there are likely many more great options! Let us know what other recommendations you might have in the comments below!

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