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10 Pages Your Homebuilding Website Should Have

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As a homebuilder, you might not spend too much time thinking about the internet. That is understandable, but at the same time, Google surpassed the yellow pages as the preferred method of finding products and services a long time ago, so an online presence is not optional.

Mobile Marketing Trends Homebuilders Need to Know in 2014

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Now that over 56 percent of American adults own a smartphone, mobile marketing simply cannot be ignored. Still, not all homebuilders are approaching this medium strategically. Even with a highly optimized website that converts leads, it’s critical to consider how you approach mobile users to grow your business. In 2014, mobile traffic is poised to grow on an already impressive user base. Homebuilders that understand mobile marketing trends are able to improve lead conversion and website design. 

Mobile email continues to grow.

Over 68 percent of all emails opened are done through mobile devices, which means that aside from website design, homebuilders should also pay attention to the formatting of each email sent. By focusing on mobile marketing in 2014, homebuilders will build equity on the web that harnesses the power of multiple platforms.

Caution: 7 Video Marketing Mistakes Homebuilders Must Avoid

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