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Top Events for Remodelers & Home Builders in 2024

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What are your peers buzzing about? What are their struggles? Staying updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices in construction and remodeling is not just beneficial—it's essential. Industry events like trade shows and conferences offer unparalleled opportunities for professionals to learn, network, and discover innovative solutions that can propel their businesses forward. Whether you're a seasoned builder or a fresh face in the remodeling industry, these gatherings serve as a vital resource for personal growth and business development. We love a good construction event, but we’re very intentional about how we use and maximize our time there. Today, Builder Funnel is here to guide you through some top events for remodelers and home builders to consider in 2024 and beyond, underscoring the enduring benefits of participating in these influential gatherings.

Key 2024 Events for Remodelers and Home Builders

While specific details about annual events might evolve, their core opportunities remain valuable. This year, Builder Funnel has our sights on the following valuable events.


JobTread User Conference 

Earlier this year, the JobTread User Conference set the stage for what's trending in construction management software and business optimization strategies. Such events typically offer deep dives into product enhancements, user feedback sessions, and expert panels that discuss best practices in leveraging technology to streamline operations. Attendees often leave with actionable insights that can be immediately applied to their businesses, making them well worth revisiting in future iterations.

Pro Remodeler Pinnacle Conference

Scheduled for the end of June, the Pro Remodeler Pinnacle Conference is poised to host a series of sessions focusing on the challenges and opportunities within the remodeling industry. These events are crucial for professionals eager to enhance their project management skills, client interactions, and design innovations. Expect to engage with thought leaders and pioneers who are reshaping the landscape of modern remodeling.

Remodelers Summit

In September, the Remodelers Summit offers another excellent platform for learning and exchange. This event typically centers around elevating business practices, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency. It's an ideal setting for remodelers looking to connect with peers and industry experts to discuss strategies that drive success in a competitive market. Networking broadens your professional circle and can lead to collaborative opportunities and mentorship.

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Other Significant Construction Events in 2024

Here are additional events to consider to further enrich your event calendar and ensure well-rounded exposure to industry trends and networking opportunities.

  • CONEXPO: Known as one of the largest construction trade shows in North America, CONEXPO gathers thousands of leading industry professionals and features cutting-edge machinery, technology, and seminars. There will be no CONEXPO 2024, however, as this expo happens once every three years. Though the last expo was in 2023, the planning for CONEXPO 2026 is already in full swing.
  • The International Surface Event: As a premier event for the flooring industry, The Surface Event Las Vegas offers a comprehensive look into the future of floor covering, from innovative materials to the latest design trends. Mark your calendars for the next event in early 2025.
  • Interior Design Trade Shows 2024: Events such as the International Design Show in Toronto are crucial for staying updated on the latest in design aesthetics, space planning, and materials.

Head here for a comprehensive list of trade shows and conferences tailored to design-builders' needs. 

The Value of Attending Trade Shows

Attending trade shows and industry conferences is about actively engaging with the ecosystem that shapes the construction and remodeling industries. Here are some of the pivotal benefits of participating in these events.

  • Learning New Skills: Every trade show or conference is a treasure trove of workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches designed to impart new knowledge and skills. Whether it's the latest in sustainable building practices, advancements in construction technology, or innovative business management strategies, these learning opportunities keep you at the forefront of your industry.
  • Networking with Peers: One of the most valuable aspects of attending industry events is meeting and conversing with peers facing similar challenges. These interactions often lead to exchanging ideas that could unlock the solutions to your most pressing problems. Small group discussions or casual conversations during coffee breaks can lead to insights you might not gain elsewhere.
  • Time Away from Business: Stepping away from your daily responsibilities to attend a conference or trade show can provide new perspectives and rejuvenate your enthusiasm for your work. It's a chance to reflect, assess, and plan without the usual interruptions, which can lead to strategic decisions and creative ideas that might have been elusive in the hustle of regular business hours.

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How to Maximize Your Experience at Construction Events

Here are some key strategies to maximize the time and resources spent attending these events.

  • Identify Business Challenges: Approach each event with a clear objective. Know the big issues or challenges in your business that you want to address. This focus will guide your choices of sessions to attend and the questions you pose to speakers and exhibitors.
  • Engage in Education Sessions: It can be tempting to skip sessions, especially after a few days of intense networking and learning. However, these education sessions are often where the most concentrated value can be found. Make it a point to attend these sessions to ensure you are fully tapping into the knowledge available.
  • Network Actively: Even if networking does not come naturally to you, make an effort to join in. Industry events provide a unique setting where everyone has a common interest and is generally open to making new connections. Attending networking events—even social gatherings after hours—is invaluable for building relationships that can lead to future business opportunities or collaborations.
  • Effective Note-Taking: Don’t try to write everything down. Instead of documenting every detail, focus on capturing key points that are directly relevant to your business challenges or that inspire new ideas. These streamlined and uncluttered notes will be invaluable when you return to your day-to-day operations, helping to transform inspiration into action.


Choosing the Right Construction Events

With an ever-growing number of industry events each year, deciding which ones to attend can feel overwhelming. Selecting events that align with your business goals and professional development needs is vital. Here are some tips to help you make the most informed decisions.

  • Assess the Value: Before committing to any event, evaluate what you have gained from past attendances. If an event consistently offers valuable insights, networking opportunities, and direct benefits to your business, it may be worth attending regularly. However, if the returns are diminishing, it might be time to explore new options.
  • Diversify Your Choices: Don’t feel obligated to attend the same conferences yearly. While it’s good to have staple events that are known for their consistent value, exploring different events can expose you to new ideas, new people, and new technologies that could be crucial for your business. Trying out new events keeps your approach fresh and can lead to unexpected opportunities.
  • Geographic and Thematic Relevance: Consider events that are conveniently located or promise significant returns on the investment of traveling farther afield. Similarly, look for themes that resonate with current industry trends or specific challenges your business is facing.

Builder Funnel Would Love to See You There

As you plan your professional calendar for 2024 and beyond, consider the events we've discussed and explore new opportunities that align with your business goals. Stay curious, stay connected, and keep learning. The most successful professionals continuously seek to improve both their skills and their networks. Start marking your calendar, and perhaps we'll see you at one of these pivotal industry gatherings!

For more insights and updates on the latest construction and remodeling, keep following Builder Funnel. If you see us in the wild at a trade show, please come and say hello. Not only do we have the best booth swag in the biz, we also have the deep experience needed to level up your target client’s online experience of you. We help builders and remodelers grow through strategic digital marketing, and we would love to be part of your success story! Contact us today to talk to our expert team about how we can elevate your marketing and get your business found by the right clients online.