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Remodeler Generates 5000 Clicks and 53 Leads with Before & After Photo Facebook Ads

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Bromwell Construction Company is a family-owned remodeling business based in Delaware with 25 years of experience in construction, home remodeling, and contracting. Blending the newest technology and methods with time-tested construction practices, they personally strive to provide the best services to their customers before, during, and after project completion. 

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The Challenge

You're not getting organic traffic but you need to get more “feet in the door” quickly - this is the challenge we faced in this scenario. Increasing the organic potential of any website takes quality content + time + consistency. So our objective to get more leads in the door right away was to increase the effectiveness of Facebook Ad spend. Then once the website generates more traffic and leads organically, we could reduce reliance on paid advertising.

Before and After Photography Facebook Ad for Remodeler

The Strategy

“Before and after” project photo comparisons are the cream of the crop from what we have found when posting on social media. Not only do they have high engagement rates from non-paid posting, but they also tend to out-perform other types of boosted posts. (Notice the engagement on each photo above!)

Our strategy was to create one campaign with one ad set and two ads: one for kitchen remodels and one for bathroom remodels. We created a single graphic which showcased the “before” and “after” photos of each project side by side and added the company’s branding on the graphic (see Example 2 above). We then used a website lookalike audience and zip codes in their service area for targeting. The ad directed to a landing page which was the conversion metric for this ad.

The Results

145,131 Impressions, 5231 Clicks, and 53 LeadsDelaware Home Remodeler Amazing Social Media Ad Results

In just one week, total website sessions increased by 67% and lead conversions increased 22% after spending just $95 on the ads. After the ads had been running for 4 months, they were still performing similarly. Both ads had a click-through rate (CTR) of 3.6% and an average cost per click (CPC) of $0.20. The landing page was converting on average 2.5% of the landing page viewers into new contacts. 53 contacts have been directly acquired from the Facebook Ads for a cost per lead (CPL) of just $19.95.


Bromwell Before and After Facebook Ads Influence on Lead Conversion (1)



How do we know that these are good click-through rates from Facebook Ads?

Wordstream collected data across 18 industries to compile a benchmark for average Facebook Ads CTRs. In the Home Improvement industry, the average Facebook Ad CTR is 0.70%. Our before and after ads had a 3.6% CTR, over 5 times higher than the industry standard! Similarly, the average CPC of Home Improvement Facebook Ads is $2.93, whereas the before and after ads had a cost of just $0.20 per click.

Ultimately, though, a GOOD rate is anything that is higher than it used to be for your business.

As a bonus, due to The Network Effect of digital marketing, the increased traffic from these Ads has led more people to engage with the content on their website, increasing their website performance across many lead sources and several other website pages.


Key Takeaways

If you're not getting adequate traffic to your website and need new leads quickly, using social media ads can get you back on track. Remember, this ad campaign worked because it had 3 thing:

  1. Solid Content - Not only were the graphics of the ad relevant to the audience (who doesn’t love a good before and after!?), but users clicked through to a cost guide landing page, which is another very relevant piece of content. The Facebook Ad converted well, but the landing pages also converted well to make the social ad campaign an all-around success.
  2. Solid Targeting - The message can be great and the content sublime, but if the right people aren’t seeing it, it won’t matter. A large portion of the success of this social ad campaign came from running them to a specific audience who was more likely to click on the ad and convert into a lead from the landing page.
  3. Solid Reputation - We firmly believe that the positive reputation that this remodeling company has in the community also played a strong role in the success of these Facebook Ads. They are admired as people and applauded as craftsmen which I believe bolstered their success from the existing brand recognition.

You can try to run these campaigns on your own or if you're pressed for time or want to lean on the experts, Builder Funnel is here to help! Results from Facebook ads is just the tip of the iceberg - contact us to learn how we can turn your marketing into an investment that will keep paying dividends for years and years to come!

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