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Indiana Remodeler Closes $364k in New Deals through Inbound Marketing

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Peacock and Company was founded in 1984 with a focus on bespoke home additions. For the past 35+ years Peacock has delighted hundreds of Michiana homeowners with quality craftsmanship and stunning designs that enhance the beauty, function, and value of their homes.

Peacock hired Builder Funnel at the end of 2020 with a few big goals for 2021:

- Create a sustainable, repeatable online marketing system.

- Focus on attracting kitchen projects around $75K - $100K

- Focus on attracting bathroom projects around $30K - $50K


The Challenge

When Peacock joined Builder Funnel at the end of 2020 they had a website that had great content but they were missing a blog section where they could regularly share about projects they had completed as well as important information about remodeling in the South Bend and Michiana area. 

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Our Strategy

With Builder Funnel’s inbound marketing strategy everything we do leads back to one of these goals:

  1. Drive more website traffic
  2. Convert more leads
  3. Nurture leads and move them down the funnel 

Creating consistent and relevant blog content means more opportunities to attract your ideal prospects. It doesn’t matter how great your content is if you aren’t getting people to see it. This is where our SEO strategy at Builder Funnel comes into play. In addition to creating relevant content, our team ensures the content is optimized to be found by prospects when they search the internet. monthly traffic

Peacock's website is now being seen by their target audience, and we make sure to capture relevant traffic as leads/potential clients. At the end of every blog post, we include a CTA (call-to-action), which sends the potential lead to a landing page with valuable content, in our case either a kitchen or bathroom remodeling guide. We refer to this as premium content. In order to access this info, the lead must share their contact information. 

Once a potential lead fills out the form on the landing page they have entered the funnel. 

Leads convert at various points down the funnel. We value all leads that have entered the funnel and provide them with relevant and helpful content about Peacock and Company, their process, their current projects, and more. Our goal is to continue to nurture these leads so they can see themselves working with Peacock.  

Monthly blog posts, content pages, emails, and social media posts ensure that we are creating ample opportunities to attract ideal prospects. All of these monthly deliverables enable us to attract Peacock's ideal customers and have them convert into qualified leads.

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We implemented all of our inbound marketing strategies, and by the end of 2021, we could see exactly how the inbound methodology helped Peacock achieve the goals they set with us. 


The Results

$364K in closed deals


By utilizing Builder Funnel’s inbound marketing methodology, Peacock welcomed almost 400 new leads into their marketing/sales funnel.

For this case study, we are looking at closed deals that met the criteria of two of Peacock's major goals, attracting kitchen projects around $75K - $100K and attracting bathroom projects around $30K - $50K and could be attributed back to our inbound marketing process. 

monthly traffic (4)

We can see that these leads were brought in and converted at various stages of the funnel. 

We can see that creating consistent relevant content brought in more and more prospects. 

Specifically, creating a blog section on their website that housed relevant and search engine optimized (SEO) content allowed them to show up more often when prospects in the Michiana area were searching for content related to home renovations and contractors in their area.

Key Takeaways

It is important to know that the inbound methodology does not work overnight. Building the foundation of inbound marketing takes time. Each month builds on the month before. The consistent and relevant content created each month will continue to bring in new leads over time. 

We'd love to help you achieve the same success Peacock and Company has enjoyed! If you're interested, contact us to start the conversation!

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