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New Jersey Remodeler Increases New Contacts by 187% & Web Traffic by 248% in 1 Year

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JMC Home Improvement Specialists started back in 1977 when owner and founder John MacDougall began building a strong relationship and a reliable team of professionals around the Parsippany, New Jersey area. JMC has been working with Builder Funnel since the beginning of 2020.

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They came to Builder Funnel for a few reasons...

1. Create a repeatable digital marketing strategy to help maintain, and bring in consistent leads throughout the year

2. Receive and retain highly qualified leads through their marketing funnel. 

The Challenge

JMC has maintained a strong presence in their area but found they were not getting as many qualified leads as they would like and were missing conversion opportunities on their website. The missed opportunities of prospects led JMC to reach out to Builder Funnel to shift to more efficient processes to generate the right leads and not let future customers fall through the cracks.


Our Strategy

We designed our strategy to optimize JMC’s website, track where traffic and leads were coming from, and (most importantly) generate high-quality leads. 

We did this by implementing our strategy of 4 different things: 

  1. Create a functional, efficient lead funnel to make sure the right leads don’t get lost in the decision-making process.
  2. Develop premium content campaigns tailored to the audience we want to engage with our company
  3. Install consistent blogs, social posts, and email campaigns that will drive traffic and engagement to JMC’s website.
  4. Utilize online advertising to generate qualified leads to maintain the quality of leads coming in.


The Results

187% Increase in New Contacts & 248% Increase in Website Traffic

By implementing Builder Funnel’s marketing strategy, JMC increased its new contacts by 187%, and website traffic by 248% just in the year 2021.

New Contacts from 1/1/2021 to 12/21/2021

New Contacts Case study

Website Visitors from 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2021

Web Session case study

By targeting specific topics of interest, ranking for quality keywords, consistently posting relevant links/CTA's, and regular SEO optimization we were able to gain a strong following in New Jersey! We strengthened the trust of the Morris County, NJ people and showed them that JMC is a high-quality, reliable company for their remodeling needs. 

Website Traffic by Source 2021

Web Sessions Case study

Closed Deals by Source 2021

Closed deal by revenue case study


Key Takeaways

The numbers don’t lie! The strategy we created for JMC in just under a year generated more website traffic, views on their website, and overall leads than they have ever seen. The key to understanding our process is knowing these leads don’t come in a day. We implement the right strategies early in our process to make sure we set the right foundation for consistent growth and engagement for years to come. We don’t just want you to have one good year, we want you to have consistent growth this year, next year, and 10 years from now! By following our process, this is exactly what has happened. 

We want you to achieve the same success and growth as JMC Home Improvement Specialists. If you’re ready to take that step, contact us to start your journey! 

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