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New England Design Build Remodeler Doubles Website Traffic and Triples Leads in 1 Year

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Builder Background

Oxland Builders is a design-build remodeling company serving the Seacoast region in New Hampshire which also includes Southern Maine. The company has been in business for about 17 years but recent growth caused owner Brad Sawler to seek out HubSpot as a way to help manage his sales pipeline and digital marketing efforts. Oxland Builders hired Builder Funnel as their inbound marketing agency in late 2020. In the first year alone, the company doubled its website traffic and tripled its new website contacts. They also implemented an effective sales pipeline that includes design, and automated email workflows to manage client communication in a more streamlined way. 



The Marketing Challenge

In January of 2021, Oxland Builder's blog traffic was minimal and conversions on the website were few and far between. We were challenged with formulating a strategy to generate more relevant traffic from a larger geographic area, and then convince those people to become leads. 

The Inbound Strategy

Our plan to attract and convert more visitors was to deploy the Builder Funnel strategy of new and hyper-local blog content posted monthly along with email newsletters featuring the blog articles. We also published two high-converting eBooks about remodeling and custom home costs. In addition to blogs and downloadable content, we optimized service pages and then drove traffic with social media promotion. 

This tactical inbound content methodology not only increases "warm" traffic but exponentially improves organic local SEO over time. 

The Digital Results

Oxland Builders more than doubled their website traffic and tripled their qualified leads in the first full year working with Builder Funnel. In total,  website sessions (unique website visits) increased by 241% compared in 2021 compared to 2020, and new contacts were up by 321%.

In addition to these positive website metrics, Brad and his team have benefitted greatly from fully integrating with the Hubspot Deals and Sales tools. Combining the power of Hubspot with Builder Funnel strategy helped this business grow smoothly despite the plethora of challenges that New England residential contractors faced in 2021.


Oxland Builders Blog Marketing Results

digital marketing results for Oxland Builders

Key Takeaways

Builder Funnel's strategy for inbound content has been proven to deliver consistent, compounding, and lasting digital marketing results. If you're looking to increase your leads while managing your digital sales funnel in a more efficient way, Hubspot is the best solution for Design Build Remodelers. 

Whether you do it yourself or work with a boutique marketing agency like Builder Funnel, we encourage you to start planning the switch today. You may be shocked to see what you accomplish in your first year, and in all the years that follow. 

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