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Builder Funnel Leverages Creative Campaign to Drive 27 Quality Leads in 30 Days

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For more than 40 years, JMC Home Improvement Specialists, a well-regarded home renovation firm located in Morris County, New Jersey, has consistently delivered inventive projects marked by careful artisanship and a high level of professionalism. Concentrating on providing exceptional experiences to numerous northern New Jersey residents, we pinpointed chances to enhance the flow of potential customers. As a result, we initiated a Google Ad Campaign aimed at amplifying the number of qualified leads.

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Our client has previously executed paid advertising campaigns, but they were seeking to generate a rapid surge of qualified leads in anticipation of the upcoming Holiday season. To address this, we formulated a comprehensive strategy designed to promptly boost web traffic, foster online engagement, and swiftly generate leads. Our approach involved the creation of incentivized, attention-grabbing content tailored to target JMC's key demographic for the specific service they were looking for jobs in: individuals actively seeking bathroom remodeling services

We orchestrated an Ad Campaign with a precise focus on targeting our intended audience. The core incentive behind this campaign was a compelling offer: our client presented a Design Giveaway featuring a complimentary Stage 1 design fee, an esteemed value of approximately $3,000. This exclusive giveaway serves as a remarkable attraction for individuals seeking to renovate their bathrooms. Beyond its promotional appeal, this initiative serves as a rapid and effective method to attract qualified prospective customers aligned with the specific service our client aims to expand within their portfolio.

The How 

The initial phase involved configuring the Facebook advertisement, which entailed establishing a dedicated landing page for participants to submit their entry form for the giveaway. We strategically placed multiple anchor links throughout the landing page, ensuring that as visitors scrolled through the content, they remained just one click away from accessing the entry form, thus maintaining their engagement. Emphasizing clarity and comprehension, we provided a comprehensive and detailed description of the Design Giveaway's offerings. This meticulous approach aimed to leave no room for ambiguity, effectively communicating to all visitors the full scope and benefits of our client's giveaway.

The subsequent phase involved strategically placing the entry requirements prominently at the top of the landing page. This strategic positioning holds paramount importance within our overall strategy, as it serves as an effective means to organically filter out individuals who do not fall within our client's targeted geographic location. By outlining the entry requirements, we pre-qualify the leads, ensuring that individuals expressing interest in the giveaway are inherently located within the geographical scope of our client's operational area. This proactive approach enables our client to focus specifically on individuals aligned with their service area, streamlining the qualification process for potential leads.

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Finally, the last stage encompasses Ad Setup. Crafting a successful advertisement campaign necessitates a customized approach that takes into account various business-specific considerations such as budget constraints, target regions, and the cost per click. In the case of JMC, their target demographic spans across the entire expanse of Morris County, New Jersey. A well-articulated and strategic approach is of utmost importance to optimize the campaign's impact and ensure efficient budget management.

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To drive superior outcomes, we strategically focused on the most economically viable locations within Morris County for JMC, purposefully omitting regions with restricted business potential. This precision-driven strategy targeted areas where the company had previously acquired high-caliber leads or aimed to cultivate new, valuable leads.

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It was imperative to ensure that our headlines and descriptions succinctly conveyed the necessary information while captivating the reader's attention to prompt action. Implementing multiple variations of headlines and descriptions facilitated A/B testing to discern what resonated best with our audience. This testing approach enables us to refine and optimize our ad campaign, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness by identifying the most compelling content for our target audience.

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The outcomes exceeded our expectations, yielding 27 leads for JMC within a span of less than 30 days, all attributed to the Bathroom Design Giveaway campaign. While it's atypical to witness such a substantial surge in leads within a brief timeframe, what proved notably remarkable was the quality of these leadsโ€”each of the 27 generated leads displayed interest in remodeling their bathrooms.

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We efficiently and promptly executed this strategy for our client, resulting in the acquisition of a select group of highly qualified leads at the bottom of the sales funnel, all of whom were primed and prepared to commence their bathroom remodeling projects in under a month.

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These are just a few of the qualified leads we have seen come in each week.

In conjunction with the lead generation, the implementation of the paid ad campaign significantly augmented website traffic. Beyond generating 27 qualified leads, our strategy generated a notable surge in website visitors, primarily through engaging our audience on Facebook. This symbiotic relationship between lead acquisition and enhanced website traffic exemplifies how our online ad campaigns not only secure qualified leads but also substantially elevate overall website traffic for our clients.

A lot of '2nd' Place winners

An additional advantage of the design giveaway is that while it features a single winner, our client successfully obtained a significant influx of qualified leads expressing interest in bathroom remodeling. Although one participant was fortunate enough to win the design giveaway, our client now possesses a pool of other qualified leads, enabling them to engage and potentially convert these prospects. Our client has the opportunity to reach out to these leads, schedule consultations, and potentially provide additional smaller incentives, contingent upon their discretion. This strategic approach not only allows for immediate business growth by securing potential projects but also establishes a pipeline for prospective jobs over the coming year.


The Design Giveaway has proven to be an effective method for swiftly acquiring bottom-of-the-funnel leads, meeting our intended goals and satisfying our client's objectives. JMC has now positioned itself for success in securing multiple bathroom remodeling projects, and based on this campaign's success, they express interest in running similar campaigns in the forthcoming year. What's most advantageous about this advertising strategy is its replicability and adaptability. It's not restricted to a single service; rather, it can be tailored to any service our client aims to promote, effectively drawing in qualified leads. 

Utilizing our design giveaway strategy template allows for swift lead generation by modifying the service offered and adjusting the incentive to attract clients for various services.



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