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Design Build Firm Gains $400,000 in Projects Through Organic Traffic

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Master Edge Homes is a design-build firm based out of Markham, Ontario. They have been partnering with Builder Funnel for approximately 1.5 years as of this writing. During that time, their organic reach has gone up significantly. We have seen nearly a 3X increase in organic search and new organic leads have gone up 6X.

With this increase, we have been able to track a total of $400,000 in new revenue generated from organic searches. Continue reading to discover how we were able to achieve this and how we could help you do the same!

organic traffic growth chart of design builder over last 6 months

6-month organic traffic chart - going from 4 to150+


The Challenge

Master Edge Homes didn't just want any marketing agency. They were seeking a team that had a deep understanding of the renovation and custom home industries. They wanted to increase their website traffic and improve their lead pipeline. They found the solution in Builder Funnel.

They originally came to us averaging approximately 20 monthly organic views, whereas today they are averaging over 200 monthly organic views, closing in on 300+. That's over a 10X increase.

Master Edge Homes is a warm and inviting company. They get to know you and your family, and they learn all about their clients wants and needs. They're heavily invested in the projects they build, each specific to the client.

We wanted to portray this information, and Builder Funnel worked with them to use it to their advantage!

The Strategy

The first thing on the menu was to identify and capitalize on any areas of opportunities we saw. This included optimizing page titles, adding area-specific keywords, writing new meta descriptions, and other key SEO tactics that can help a renovation company.

Once we started to eliminate some of the low-hanging fruit, we dove deeper into the inbound marketing strategy. The main question was - "How are we going to generate more traffic and turn that traffic into leads?"

The answer - we would create content that answers the questions Master Edge' ideal clients were searching for and help them rank for targeted keywords that incorporate industry and location terms. 

They were missing a few key pieces of content when we started working together including information on their individual services and renovation costs. The first thing to do was create valuable information their prospects would search for on Google, answer their questions on1 cost and other key topics, and increase rankings for searches for their services in their area (for example, Kitchen Renovations in Markham).

Even by generating the right traffic, we still needed to convert them into leads. This is where strategically placed call-to-actions (CTA's), landing pages, and downloadable assets allowed us to capture new leads that may not be ready to renovate right away.

The Results

After a few months, all of the pieces to the puzzle started to align and generate quality leads for Master Edge Homes. We can currently trace back $400,000 in revenue back to organic search traffic.

It's important to remember that this success was not all from the service pages and cost blogs, but a combined effort from additional inbound marketing, their amazing local reputation, collaboration to deliver valuable information, and referrals. Let's explore some of the results.

Organic search traffic to core web pages increased from 25 to 250+ per month.

organic search page sessions for webpage

Organic search volume increased from 50 to over 150+ views per month.

organic search traffic for blog pages

Organic search volume to our Cost Blog increased from 0 to over 150 per Month

organic search traffic for cost blog

Organic search volume resulted in 52 contacts and 2 customers (traceable).

organic search contacts and customers

The 2 Customers Traced to Organic Search  [Screenshot from CoConstruct]Renovation-Company-Revenue-Case-Study

Key Takeaways

Inbound Marketing is a process. It doesn't happen overnight and takes months of website updates, email marketing, SEO, and other key components. But once you start, your content will work together to help drive your business toward your ultimate goal. Then you will enjoy the compounding effect of inbound marketing next month, next year, and years from now!

So how do you get started? Figure out where there are gaps in your marketing and capitalize on those opportunities. You can either take a few days and do this yourself, or you can partner with an agency like Builder Funnel to walk through the entire process with you and do the heavy-lifting on the marketing side!

This is what happened with Master Edge Homes. When they came to us, we brought a new perspective, identified missing gaps in their strategy, capitalized on areas of opportunities, and brought them consistent growth over time!

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