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New Jersey Custom Builder Generates $4.1 million in Revenue with Builder Funnel

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In late 2018, our team created and implemented a campaign for GTG Builders to answer common questions asked when it comes to the custom home-building process. Within this campaign, we discuss custom home basics such as picking a budget and team, to custom home design elements, and trends such as energy efficiency and home automation. By focusing on the research stage of the buyer's journey - i.e. answering key questions and providing helpful tips and tricks, our client was able to walk the audience through the ins and out's of custom home building. As of October 2022, assets related to the Custom Home Building Guide have led to nearly $4.1 million in influenced revenue.

Here's what we uncovered:

  • The Custom Home Guide has been downloaded 573 times
  • The Custom Home Guide landing page is converting at about 16%, which is over 6 times higher than the national average (2.35%). 


GTG Builders is a second-generation, family-run business with over 65 years of experience. Their specialty lies in meeting their customers wherever they are in the home-building process. They pride themselves in helping their clients seamlessly navigate their way during the entire journey: from planning and construction to budgeting, land acquisition, design, demolition, zoning, and all the environmental and site issues that will come up. Not to mention, GTG Builders has been featured in several prestigious Custom Home and Kitchen Remodeling showcases, bringing an unparalleled level of professionalism to the custom home-building industry in Central New Jersey. 

GTG first started with Builder Funnel in October 2018, where their main goals were to put together a sustainable, replicable online marketing system, grow to $4 million in sales over the next 1 to 3 years, and target larger luxury projects ($350k-$1 million). Builder Funnel implemented several inbound marketing strategies to reach these goals. 

During the onboarding process, our team created a Custom Home Guide premium content campaign. This campaign was a series of digital assets aimed at answering an important question: "What Is The Process?". 


The Strategy

 Builder Funnel created a campaign for GTG Builders to address all of the different elements involved when it comes to building a custom home. The purpose of this campaign was to educate the audience on the process of building a custom home, which eventually lead to increasing qualified leads which led to increasing overall revenue. 

By focusing on the custom home-building process, Builder Funnel increased leads and traffic, and we raised the average conversion rate of the GTG website. 

The Custom Home Building Campaign consists of the following elements: 



Builder Funnel created an eBook that highlights every step of building a custom home. It begins with the basics such as picking a budget, selecting a team, developing a floor plan, and negotiating a contract. Part 2 of the eBook discusses custom home trends in the main areas of the home such as the kitchen and bathrooms, while also giving insight into energy efficiency and home automation trends. The campaign features a landing page with a submission form, a thank you page, as well as other elements such as call-to-action's and follow-up emails to increase conversions. 


The landing page follows standard best practices which include: removing the navigation bar, having a short description about what the eBook is and why it is important, visual previews, and a submission form for viewers to fill out. Throughout the years, Builder Funnel ran an A/B test for performance between a landing page with an image vs a landing page with a video for this specific campaign. The landing page with a video from the owner of GTG Builders encouraging viewers to download the guide at the top of the page, performed better, so that is what currently lives on the site. 

This landing page is also promoted via social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, as well as within marketing emails.

As of October 2018, the landing page currently converts at 16.16%. 

Custom Home Guide LP Analytics, GTG Builders

The Results

The success of the Custom Home Building is a combination of a 5 year dedicated campaign focusing on effective landing pages, A/B testing, continuous optimization, and social media posts. As a whole, these efforts have led to an increase in rankings, brand exposure, conversion rate, and revenue for GTG Builders. The process campaign has influenced a total revenue of $4.1 million. 

Influenced Revenue 

Influenced Revenue for GTG Builders

*October 2018 - Present (NOV 2022) 

Key Takeaways

When it comes to marketing design-build custom homes there are so many pieces of content you can address like process, cost, design trends, etc. You want to make sure you are answering all of the questions your prospects are asking and providing value. In this case Builder Funnel, found that walking through the process and steps on what building a custom home entails, provided major value to viewers. This just proves that laying the foundation and educating your audience on the basics can lead to major results down the line. 

Another takeaway from this is that you don't have to reinvent the wheel for each campaign/piece of content. If a campaign/content is performing well, going back and optimizing it (at least 1 time every year) instead of re-writing, can lead to even better results in the future! 

We'd love to help you achieve the same success as GTG Builders! If you're interested, contact us to start the conversation!

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