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Over $500K in 1 Year! Organic Growth for Local Remodeler

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Penn Contractors, a remodeling and custom home company in Emmaus, Pennsylvania, sought Builder Funnel's expertise to boost its online presence and generate high-value leads. The primary objectives were to enhance SEO rankings, increase organic traffic, and establish Penn Contractors as the go-to choice for discerning clients.

the Challenge

When Penn Contractors first started working with Builder Funnel, they were dealing with the dual challenge of securing both quality and quantity in leads. Additionally, Penn lacked a sustainable marketing system, resulting in their website ranking for only 88 keywords at the time. 

The Solutions

Builder Funnel developed a strategic inbound marketing plan to drive website traffic, enhance organic keyword rankings, and boost conversions on their website. This involved creating, optimizing, and promoting monthly content (including high-performing blog topics/core service pages) and premium content campaigns, as well as dedicating time to SEO improvement, consistently. Aside from organic content, in order to maximize visibility, we created, launched, and continuously optimized Meta Ad and Google Ad campaigns. 

The Results

Penn Contractors Organic Keywords and Traffic Results

September 2023 Organic Results for Penn Contractors

By September 2023, Penn Contractors saw a remarkable increase in organic keyword rankings, soaring from 88 to an impressive 575. This surge in relevant keywords, such as "Leigh Valley basement remodeling," has solidified their online presence, making them more visible to potential clients. This lead to an increase in organic traffic that skyrocketed from 27 visits (October 2022) to an impressive 351 in September 2023.

The heightened exposure translated into tangible financial gains, with an influential $565,000 in revenue generated from renovation projects driven by Builder Funnel's inbound marketing efforts. This success marks a significant milestone, showcasing the power of strategic marketing in transforming a business's fortunes.

In essence, Builder Funnel's tailored approach not only addressed Penn Contractors' initial challenges but also paved the way for sustainable growth, bringing them closer to their goal of becoming a leader in the remodeling and custom home industry. 

We've been able to track over $500k in new revenue generated from organic search!


Key Takeaways

Builder Funnel's strategic planning, focusing on consistent and relevant content creation, SEO enhancement, and premium content campaigns, played a crucial role in catapulting Penn Contractors to success. The significant surge in organic keyword rankings and subsequent boost in visibility led to a remarkable increase in organic traffic. The financial impact of this strategic approach was evident in a $565,000 revenue surge from renovation projects, showcasing the tangible benefits of effective inbound marketing efforts. By addressing specific challenges, building brand authority, and maintaining consistency in content and engagement, Builder Funnel's approach stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic inbound marketing in the remodeling and custom home industry.

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