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Builder Funnel Generates $4.7M for Local Custom Home Builder

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Southern Green Builders, from Houston, Texas, builds and remodels homes and has worked with us, Builder Funnel, for about four years. Our goal was to fix some marketing problems they had, like not enough good leads, poor SEO, and low website engagement. Our partnership has led to more website visits, more leads, and, more importantly, more money. To see more about our early progress, check out our first case study.

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The Challenge

Southern Green Builders wanted to boost sales for projects in the $400K to $1.1M range, specifically focusing on more custom home projects. They wanted a reliable online marketing system to improve website visits and leads and wanted those leads to be interested in projects of this size. Also, they were looking to improve their presence on social media.


The Strategy

To meet these goals, we at Builder Funnel focused on a strong inbound marketing strategy. We started writing monthly blogs to make the website more valuable and to help it show up more in search results. We also used social media to help increase engagement and the revenue that comes from it.


The Results

More Revenue: Our plan helped close five deals directly sourced from our marketing efforts, earning $3.4 million. Plus, eight more deals were influenced by inbound marketing, adding up to $4.7 million.

Revenue Growth: The revenue they generated each year has gone up, from $3.3m in 2020 to $4.1m in 2023 so far.

Inbound Impact: Around 22% of projects and 26% of the revenue came from our marketing strategies.

Better Engagement & Leads: We focused on getting high-quality leads, which increased visits and leads to their website for the right kind of projects.


Key Takeaways

  • All-Around Approach: Using SEO, making content, and being active on social media help get more leads and deals.
  • Quality Matters: Focusing on the right leads helps make more money.
  • Steady Growth Is Doable: A good online marketing system can help a business grow steadily.
  • Alignment Is Key: When marketing plans match business goals, they tend to work out well.
  • SEO Is Crucial: Good SEO makes a website more visible, bringing in more and better leads.


Our strategies helped Southern Green Builders overcome their challenges and significantly improve their online presence. Adding valuable content, focusing on SEO, and going for quality leads have driven growth and increased revenue. It shows the potential of well-thought-out inbound marketing strategies in the competitive world of home building and remodeling.

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