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Marketing and Sales Strategies for Home Builders and Remodelers

contractor digital marketing and sales knowledge

What Makes Your Remodeling Company Unique?

Contractor Marketing, Inbound Marketing for Remodelers, Remodeling Marketing

One of the keys to any kind of marketing is communicating your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Like any other business, as a remodeling business you need to set yourself apart from the competition.

Marketing for Remodelers: Images, Ideas, Insights, and Information

Inbound Marketing for Remodelers, Remodeling Marketing

You rely on your website to help you find prospects for your remodeling business, turn them into leads, qualify them as candidates, and eventually turn them into clients. But how does that happen? What is it about your website that will attract prospects and make them stick around—and eventually turn into customers?

How to Create a Content Marketing Plan for Your Home Builder Blog

Blogging for Builders, homebuilder blog, content marketing for builders, Remodeling Marketing

I’ve heard homebuilders describe the two most difficult things about creating a consistent and effective blog for their companies: 1) Getting started, and 2) Keeping it going.

Why Remodelers With Less Than $1M in Sales Need to Use a CRM

Home Builder CRM, CRM, Remodeler CRM, Remodeling Marketing

Sometimes when remodelers check out the latest marketing intelligence for their industry they can feel left out. That’s partucluarly true when the information marketing experts talk about gets into topics such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM).  It can be easy to think that that kind of marketing sophistication is for “the big boys.” What if your remodeling business does less than $1M in sales a year? Isn’t CRM overkill? Do you really need it?

As a Professional Remodeler How Do You Compete with “Chuck in a Truck”?

Remodeling Marketing, Chuck in a Truck, Remodeling Company

We interact with reputable remodelers day-in and day-out. One of the most common questions these remodelers ask is: “How do we distinguish ourselves from our competitors?” 

This blog is dedicated to providing valuable information to home builders, remodelers, and contractors about inbound sales and marketing. It's full of test, experiments, and ideas from our dedicated team of marketers.

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