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5 Important Rules for Your Homebuilder Advertising Program

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No one deliberately sets fire to dollar bills, but if your homebuilder advertising program isn’t bringing in a decent return, you might as well. With so many advertising opportunities around, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and jump on a chance just because it worked for someone else. 

"Beefing up" Your Homebuilder Marketing Database (And What to Do With It)

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You’re doing everything right. You have a dynamic homebuilder marketing website, you’re updating your content regularly and driving traffic with social media. You have downloadable offers on your site and you’re gathering information from users when they sign up for your products. But what are you doing with the information you collect? Are you getting the right intel and are you using it to its fullest advantage? Here’s how to beef it up for it to be useful and use it to make a difference:

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