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5 Big Takeaways From The 2021 State of Construction Marketing Report

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The first annual State of Construction Marketing Report is officially here! This year we combined our State of the Remodeler and State of the Home Builder reports into one comprehensive report, making it easier for you to analyze trends across the entire home construction industry.

We surveyed over 100 remodelers and home builders this year to understand their marketing and sales priorities. In addition, we wanted to know what their biggest challenges are, what inbound marketing tactics they’re focusing on, and much more.

Here are five big takeaways that shed some light on what the industry is focusing on this year:


1. 62% of remodelers and 72% of home builders say inbound marketing practices provide the highest quality leads for their sales team, up 12% and 33% respectively from last year’s surveys.

2020 was a big year for inbound marketing. Homeowners turned online to find remodelers and home builders like never before. The businesses that had invested the time and resources into building an online, organic presence before the pandemic reaped the benefits while those that hadn’t quickly scrambled to catch up.

Remodelers and home builders are clearly seeing the benefits of adopting an inbound marketing strategy - what tactics are they using to implement it?

2. 67% of remodelers and 56% of home builders say growing SEO/organic presence is a top inbound marketing priority in 2021.

Dominating the Google Search real estate is the best way to bring in consistent, predictable traffic and leads each month.

Customers turn to Google and other search engines to educate themselves before making big purchasing decisions. They want to know how much their remodel or new home is going to cost, how long it’s going to take, what they should expect, and how to get started.

Content marketing (i.e. creating content to answer the questions listed above) is a great way to grow your organic presence in Google. However, the game is changing and it’s not as simple as just writing a few blogs and calling it good.
In May, Google is adding “Core Web Vitals'' as a key factor in their ranking algorithm, adding to changes made last year to improve UX. What all that marketing lingo means for you is that your website needs to be fast, well-structured, mobile-friendly and easy to use if you want to increase and maintain your position ranking in Google.

Overwhelmed with improving your SEO? We got you. Here’s our comprehensive SEO resource for remodelers and home builders. We’ll be adding content to our blog specifically addressing the Google updates in the coming months.

Beyond SEO, what other inbound marketing tactics are remodelers and home builders implementing this year?

3. 52% of remodelers and 39% of home builders say video marketing is a top marketing priority in 2021.

We can’t overstate how important video is for remodelers and home builders in 2021 (and likely beyond!) Consumers love video. In a recent survey by Animoto, consumers said video was their #1 type of content from brands on social media.

And videos aren’t solely for social media, they also help you improve your SEO and drive more organic traffic. One of the key user signals Google uses to rank webpages is dwell time (how long someone stays on your webpage after finding you in the search results). By adding a video to your blog post or any other page on your website, you’ll keep your site visitors engaged longer than the competition that only has text and images.

Video content is the key to driving the most results in the least amount of time. Just one video can serve as an engaging piece of content for your Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and SEO strategies. You can even post it on TikTok if you’re feeling crazy.

If you’re just getting started in video marketing, here’s some information explaining why video marketing is important, how much it costs, and what videos to be making.

Camera shy? We get it. Here’s a video with Ethan Beute from BombBomb talking about how to get comfortable in front of a camera.

For the last two takeaways from the State of Construction Marketing Report, let’s shift our focus to a couple of the biggest challenges remodelers and home builders are facing in 2021.

4. 39% of remodelers and 35% of home builders say proving the ROI of marketing activities is a top marketing challenge.

The buyers’ journey today is complex and attribution is not straightforward. Here’s an example:

You identify that 40% of your customers in 2020 found you via organic search. What percentage of these customers “discovered” you organically (EX: someone searched for ”best remodelers near me” and found your business) and how many already knew about you and simply typed your business name into Google? Of those people that already knew about you, how did they originally find out about you? Friend referral? Social media? A home show 3 years ago?

Proving the ROI of marketing activities is a continuous battle, but it’s a battle worth fighting. Knowing which strategies and tactics to continue and which to press pause on is key to maximizing your marketing dollars.

In order to prove the ROI of your marketing activities, you’ll need a good CRM and dedication to data entry. Which leads us to…

5. 30% of remodelers and 44% of home builders say under-usage is their biggest CRM challenge.

Data-entry can be tedious and easy to neglect. CRMs are not always intuitive or easy-to-use and require lots of training to master. However, as previously stated, understanding where your leads are coming from and which of those leads are turning into customers is the key to allocating marketing dollars and resources with confidence.

Based on the survey data, Buildertrend, CoConstruct, and HubSpot are the most common CRMs used by remodelers and home builders. We’ve seen great success with clients who use both HubSpot and Buildertrend or CoConstruct. HubSpot is the best option of the three for understanding where your leads are coming from and analyzing which leads turn into customers, but it doesn’t offer the project management capabilities that Buildertrend or CoConstruct have. Used together, you unlock invaluable insights that truly empower you to make confident decisions with your marketing dollars and keep your customers happy.


There you have it: The top takeaways from the first annual State of Construction Marketing Report. If you found these takeaways interesting, download our full report for free today! It’s a great mix of survey response data and marketing insight/resources from the Builder Funnel team.



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