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Six Ways to Make Your Builder or Remodeler Blogging Strategy Effective

Wes Powell | October 5, 2020

starting a remodeling business is no easy task. Marketing for that business is a whole other story. Often times we will hear from a builder or a remodeler that, while they are blogging, "it just doesn't seem to be helping." Since we know that blogging is one of the most powerful ways to attract not only more visitors to your site, but that right kind of visitors, we will dig in a little deeper and find out that they are not following all of the correct guidelines to multiply the effectiveness of their blog. With that in mind, I thought it would be worthwhile to recap those guidelines here. If you take the time to do the following you should see a dramatic improvement in your blogging results.

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1. Optimize

Make sure the blog post is optimized for the keyword phrase you would like to target. For instance, if you are interested in having searchers who are interested in "kitchen remodeling ideas in the Poconos" find your article and include this phrase in three places - the Page Title, the URL, and the article title. It will help if you put these words one or two times in the body of the article as well. However, make sure that your article reads smoothly and isn't awkwardly phrased. It's definitely both an art and a science!

2. Visualize

Add a picture. A great graphic is really helpful for several reasons. First, people love pictures! It draws them in to the content. Secondly, you can optimize the picture for search engines by changing the name of the picture file to the key word phrase you would like to be found for, such as "kitchen-remodeling-ideas-in-the-Poconos.jpg" Leaving it as "Picture_1.jpg" is a no-no! In addition, photos make your post much more shareable on social media.

3. Authorship

I'm amazed how many times I see blog articles on builder and remodeler blogs that don't have an author listed. Someone must have written the article! Ascribing authorship does several things for you as the builder. First, it helps establish you, personally, as an expert. Secondly, if you set yourself up through Google Authorship, it is very possible that your blog posts will start to show up in search results with your picture next to the blog title. It's been shown that searchers are more likely to click on a blog article with the author's picture next to it.

4. Audience Centric

Make it about the audience. This is huge! Remember, it is not about you and your remodeling or building prowess! It is about the reader's needs, wants and desires. So make sure that your blog content is focused on helping him or her. For instance, if your blog article is about kitchen remodeling ideas in the Poconos, make sure that it really does have some great ideas and is not a blatant ad for you and your building company.

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5. Length

Make it a little longer (or shorter). I find it frustrating when I go to a blog article that is listed in a search result and the article is 300 words and isn't long enough to contain enough content to help me. Make your post longer. Add some detail. Make the reader glad that they clicked and came to see you at your builder or remodeler blog. On the other hand, not too many readers have time for an article that is going to take them a half an hour to grind through. So strike a balance.

6. Convert Leads

Add a conversion offer. If you've gone to all the trouble to address the four blogging points above, make sure that you have some way to convert the reader into a lead that you can nurture. The best way to do that is to add a call-to-action button at the end of the blog post. Something like "25 Great Kitchen Remodels in the Poconos." When they click on the CTA, they trade their information for your great remodeling e-book and now you have home improvement leads!

I hope this helps you in making your blog more effective. Our time is limited, so we want to get the greatest ROI that we can from our blogging efforts!


Topics: Home Builder Marketing, Digital Marketing for Remodelers