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Referral Leads vs. Website Leads: How Remodelers Need to Handle Both

Wes Powell | November 27, 2018

Referral-Leads-vs-Website-Leads-How-Remodelers-Need-to-Handle-Both.jpgAs a former home builder, I know that not all leads are created equal. We’ve all seen our share of leads that don’t pan out and leads that end up generating business.  But it’s not just the quality of leads that differs. Where those leads come from can require that we respond to them differently.


For instance, leads that come from referrals and leads that come from your website are two very different things—and need to be handled differently.

Referral Leads

Every remodeler loves to get referrals. Leads that come from satisfied customers are great. The people are already positively disposed toward you. They’ve heard good things about you and chances are that they’ve already seen the work you do. While you’ll definitely want to follow up on these, they take a lot less work. The fact that they came to you makes it easier to contact them and “just check in.” You’ll still want a good plan, but you don’t have to spend as much time building the relationship. And chances are, these leads are already “pre-qualified.” You know they are serious because they came to you requesting information. Plus, if you’ve been recommended to them by friends, it’s much more likely that they are qualified financially as well. 

Website Leads

There’s a bit more involved in qualifying leads that are generated by your website. This doesn’t mean website leads aren’t good leads, but website leads require a different kind of attention.  There is generally a longer process involved in qualifying web-generated leads. You need additional “touches” because you need to win the trust of these potential clients. You need to nurture these leads and find out exactly what it is they want to know. And that means you have to have a process in place to record who they are and what they’ve requested from you.

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To put things in a slightly different way: Referral leads are the low-hanging fruit that’s (relatively) easier to grab. Web-generated leads require more thought, more work, and more time. You never want to ignore that low-hanging fruit. Grab it and make the most of it. But understand that in order to survie and thrive, you’re going to need both kinds of leads.

Just make sure you consider where your leads come from and treat them with the kind of attention they need in order to get the results you want.


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