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Is Your Website Generating Leads or Killing Your Homebuilding Business?

Spencer Powell | November 27, 2018

Is-Your-Website-Generating-Leads-or-Killing-Your-Business.jpgWe’ve talked before about how a homebuilder’s website can be one of his or her most powerful tools.  Properly set up, your website can generate a lot of qualified leads—leads your marketing team can follow up on and turn over to your sales team.


A poorly designed, inadequate, or compromised website, however, can have just the opposite effect. In fact, it can actually kill your business!  How do we know that? We saw it first hand with a remodeler we had started working with—and it was a real eye-opener.

A lot of builders and remodelers really don’t want to spend tons of time messing with their websites. They want to “set it and forget it” and get on with the business of building and remodeling. But if somebody isn’t minding the store when it comes to the website (monitoring it to see what’s happening) some nasty stuff can happen.

That’s what happened to our client. Just a few days after we began working with them, we noticed that there was no traffic coming in through Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Ask.com. To make a long story short, their website had been compromised—hacked—and nobody was finding them when searching on the Web.

That was a huge problem. This company depended on organic search results to generate business and they weren’t getting any. Instead of generating leads their website was killing their business—and they didn’t even know it.

Fortunately, we were able to find and fix the problem quickly and get their website (and their lead-generation) back on track. 

Here’s the big take-away from all of this: It’s not enough to simply have a website. Your website needs to be fully functional (optimized) and someone needs to be tracking the activity and evaluating the information that’s there on a regular basis. Some homebuilders like to monitor things themselves. Others prefer to have outside help to ensure that this gets done right and regularly. At Builder Funnel, we do both. You can opt to use our Inbound Marketing coaching or our Inbound Marketing Services It’s your choice.

But not paying attention to how your site is doing really isn’t an option. What you don’t know can hurt you—and can even kill your business.


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