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Focus Pocus: How Narrowing Our Target Audience and Content Marketing Strategy Brought Us a Client from Europe

By Spencer Powell December 2, 2015

Who's your target audience?  Men over 30?  Single women?  These are not focused audiences.  They..

How Not to Do Content – Minor Mistakes with Major Consequences

By Spencer Powell October 21, 2014

Nobody is perfect. Whether it’s in your marketing campaign or just in your daily life, you’re..

How to Target Your Audience – Do Your Research!

By Wes Powell August 23, 2014

When doing any kind of brand promotion, your main goal is to appeal to a target audience. Before..

Buzzstarter - The New Content Marketing Platform

By Spencer Powell June 15, 2014

You work hard to create unique, high quality content. Then you work hard to distribute that..

5 Essentials For Your Inbound Marketing Plan

By Spencer Powell June 23, 2013

If you’re just starting out in inbound marketing, you may find it kind of daunting. It’s being..



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