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Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking and the Art of Content

By Wes Powell January 22, 2015

Singer and musician Amanda Palmer knows a little something about online marketing and creating..

Off the Beaten Path – 4 Unusual Inbound Strategies that Work

By Spencer Powell March 27, 2014

Regularly create and post content. Use SEO to target potential customers. Have an active..

Google+ Hangouts – Streaming Live Content For Brand Promotion

By Spencer Powell July 28, 2013

Social media is an effective marketing tool that lets you interact directly with your target..

Why “Marketing” Is Considered a Dirty Word – And Why It Shouldn’t Be

By Spencer Powell June 25, 2013

The late Bill Hicks had a comedy routine, wherein he expressed in no uncertain terms, exactly..

What Kickstarter Means For Content’s Future

By Amanda Bray May 20, 2013

Veronica Mars was a TV show that aired on UPN in the mid-2000s. It ran three seasons before it..



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