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Believe It or Not, a Lot of People Use Facebook for Professional Purposes

By Danielle Russell September 12, 2016

It’s nearly impossible to imagine that just over 200 years ago, we were still grappling with..

How to Target and Attract the Right Audience for Your Brand on Facebook: A Guide for Business Owners

By Danielle Russell August 31, 2016

You're staring at your Facebook page.  Everyone keeps saying it's your ally, but you can't help..

There’s No Place Like Home: Location-Based Social Media Marketing

By Wes Powell October 24, 2015

The World Wide Web is just that: a global network that can connect people on opposite sides of..

Late Adopters – How to Catch Up on Social Media if You’re Just Getting Started

By Wes Powell July 29, 2015

It took you awhile, but you finally started to develop a social media presence. At first, you..



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