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Tips For Agencies: How To Write Better Content

tips-for-agencies-how-to-write-better-contentContent has always been a vital part of any inbound marketing strategy, but now that almost anyone can publish online content, it’s more important than ever that your content is well written. As such, writing better content than your competitors will grab readers right away and keep them reading. Quality content gives clients access to your company’s personality, and leads to loyal, repeat customers.

Consistency in Content Marketing

Being consistent is one of the basic building blocks in the creation of high-quality content. For example, you should make sure that your company name is written the same way on every webpage—if the name of your business is stylized in all lower caps, or has a particular punctuation mark, you must consistently include those embellishments.

Beyond those minor, yet crucial elements of consistent content writing, the writing style should also be consistent. The writing style should feel cohesive on every blog post and every landing page—as if it were all written by the same person, even if that content is written by many different writers. When working with a group of writers, it’s wise for your agency to develop content writing guidelines, which all of your writers can follow.

Content Writing With Clarity

Best practices for content writing are largely the same as those for any style of writing. What you want is for your content to be clear and straightforward, and communicate your point without distracting or confusing the reader. For many writers, writing the way you talk can give your words a clear, conversational tone. It should go without saying, but you’ll want to leave out fillers such as “um” and “like.”

In content marketing, “writing like you talk” means that you’re avoiding overly elegant, flowery, or complicated language. If you’re too verbose, you can muddy up the message you’re trying to communicate. Rather than writing “veritable,” write “real.” In the place of “verisimilitude,” use “probability.” The word that comes to mind first is usually the better one. Even casual writing should never be sloppy, so make sure that your writing is grammatically correct.

Relevance Of Your Content

Your content will be useless if it’s not relevant to both your company and your clients. This means you should keep your content fresh and interesting. Do your homework: research the latest trends in the industry, including new developments and products, as well as news articles that may affect your company or clients. For example, content about the latest Google Penguin update should discuss exactly what that update means for invested clients. Facts and statistics are also hugely important.

Keeping your content relevant means providing consistent, high-quality updates that will draw readers in. There is an effective harmony between volume and quality of updates: what you want is both. Your content should aim to keep buyers informed of new market trends and your own company updates. Don’t forget the importance of interactivity – if you allow for reader comments, or use social media to invite replies, you can integrate your readers’ interests into your strategy.


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