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How Does Inbound Marketing Apply to Home Builders?

Danielle Russell | October 6, 2020

Inbound Marketing can be applied to any industry.  It's useful methodology improves the user experience - and that is something that buyers have come to expect during their online journey of discovering a brand.


Are you maximizing the Inbound Marketing Methodology for your home building company?


What is the Inbound Marketing Methodology in 2020?

We've all been reading about Inbound Marketing for years now.  It's no longer a competitive edge just to be online (with a website and social media, for example).  In today's online landscape, that's expected.

Home builder advertising takes your online presence to the next level.  As a bare bones model, the methodology asks you as the business owner or marketer to consider your Buyers' Journey.  Take a step back from simply having social media profiles and a website.  What is your online presence doing to improve your Buyers' Journey?

Consider this model from HubSpot.  When using Inbound Marketing correctly, you are fulfilling all four of these stages for your potential buyers.


When a visitor arrives at your website or social media platform for the first time, they are strangers.  By using the Inbound Marketing Methodology, you are able to nurse them through this journey.  First, you will attract them as visitors.  Then, you convert them into leads by gaining their email address.  From there, you are able to close your leads into customers.  With continued effort, you can delight your customers so that they become promoters of your company.


How Does the Inbound Marketing Apply to Home Builders in 2020?

How does this apply to your home builder company in 2020?

Of course, there's no "one size fits all" application for inbound marketing, but here are some of our methods based on our 7 years of successful campaigns for our clients!


Attracting Potential Home Buyers to Your Home Builder Company

You start your Inbound Marketing Methodology by developing an avenue for attracting potential home buyers. Today's home buyers likely do most of their research online before they even talk to a home builder - so how do you start attracting them early on?

Provide those doing their research with helpful content!  Who knows home builder research better than you?  Use that knowledge to write blogs, share content on social media, and build your website.

Based on your client interactions, you probably know the exact words that reassure or convince a potential home buyer to trust you.  Use those words when writing - they're 21st century keywords!

Now that you have content and are sharing it on social media, what's the next step?


Convert Your Website Visitors into Home buyer Leads

Conversion, in this sense, is when the website visitor relinquishes their email address to access guarded content. That simple.

So how do you do it?

Throughout your website, you should have easily accessed content as well as guarded content.  Think of those guarded pieces as worth a little more than just a quick Google search.  These are the pages that took you a long time to write, or maybe they contain pricing and other valuable information that a home buyer would be willing to give something to obtain.

Those pages, documents, or whatever you develop them as should be tucked away behind a form.  All your website visitors have to do is give up their email address to receive them - likely an email.

Once you have a website visitor's email address, you have converted them into a lead!  Your lead has found some information you are providing valuable enough to trade you their email address for it.

Close Your Leads into Home Buyers with Inbound Marketing

Now that you have a lead's email address, you are able to appear in their inboxes.  Whether this be through a helpful string of monthly newsletters or marketing promotion for an upcoming open house you have, gaining access to an email address is imperative in Inbound Marketing.

Not only do you have access to a lead’s inbox, but you will likely be able to find their social media profiles much easier.  Most people use the same email address to start accounts for their social media profiles.  Gaining access to these profiles allows you to build targeted ad campaigns for, for example, Facebook in an effort to keep your content in front of your leads.

In simpler terms?  Not only do you have the ability to email leads about open houses, for example, but now you can send advertising reminders across social media profiles associated with those email addresses as well!

Research suggests that it takes a minimum of 6 touches for someone in their Buyer Journey to remember your brand.  Inbound Marketing Methodology makes all of these contact points much easier by tying them together in a tidy package.

Keeping your brand top of mind at all times improves the likelihood that a lead will close into a customer when they are constantly seeing your logo.  So remember to stay out there with your helpful, engaging content!


person using iMac

Delighting Your Home Buyer Customers into Home Builder Promoters

In the Inbound Marketing Methodology, your success doesn't end with builder leads.  In fact, it continues as you delight your clients!

Delighting your clients includes sending surveys asking for feedback, developing content directed at home owners and home buyers as well (not just to your leads), and keeping in touch through social media.  With the Inbound Marketing Methodology in 2020, there are so many ways to keep in touch with existing clients and ensure their happiness.

We frequently suggest sharing client images (with their permission of course) on content pages on your website, on social media profiles, and in emails!  A great way to convince leads who are considering building a home with your company is to show them just how happy existing homeowners are with their decision!


How Are You Using Inbound Marketing in Your Home Builder Digital Strategy in 2020?

Again, there is no "one size fits all" inbound marketing plan for a home builder.  But that just means there are countless opportunities and strategies to develop and test!

If you're already using inbound marketing in your digital strategy this year, we'd love to hear from you!  What's working?  What isn't?

And if you haven't begun your inbound marketing journey yet, we'd love to answer any questions you may have!


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