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Ep 167: Winning the Contractor Fight w/ Tom Reber

Getting past your thoughts and doubts is the first step in Tom Reber’s book, Winning The Contractor Fight. In this episode, Spencer speaks with Tom Reber, author and contractor business coach, who believes it’s time to step on the gas peddle and claim your brand. Check out this episode to find out how to overcome obstacles, find a healthy balance for your wellbeing, and multiply the Benjamins!

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  • 0:38 Introduction

  • 3:25 What Have You Been Up to This Year?

  • 5:45 Thoughts On Adversities From The Past Year

  • 10:14 What Are Your Thoughts On Inflation? 

  • 12:00 Focus On Your Brand

  • 13:57 Why Did You Write Your Book?

  • 16:00 What Is The Contactor Fight?

  • 17:55 How Do You Rewire Your Thinking Towards Success?

  • 21:38 Taking Care Of Yourself to Care For Others 

  • 25:26 Spencer’s Experience In Balance 

  • 27:47 Multiplying Benjamins 

  • 31:35 Start Asking The Harder Questions 

  • 32:40 Broke-Back Theory 

  • 34:28 How to Find New Solutions to Labor Shortage? 

  • 35:32 Ask Yourself, “What Would Bring Someone to My Company?” 

  • 39:19 Reflect On Building Your Brand 

  • 41:00 How Do You Think About The Marketing Split?

  • 45:55 Make A Nonnegotable Commitment 

  • 46:33 Connect With Tom

  • 47:10 Words Of Wisdom From Tom’s Last Event 

  • 49:37 Fast Five



  • Winning The Contractor Fight 
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  • Ep. 45: How to Retain Great Employees and Build Company Culture w/ Josh Munns

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