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Ep 189: Why Your Remodeling Business is Hitting a Wall at $1M to $2M in Revenue

Spencer Powell | Apr 19, 2022 11:30:00 AM | Builder Funnel Radio, Education, Podcasts

Do you find yourself getting stuck at the $1M to $2M revenue mark in your remodeling company? This week, Spencer dissects why you might be falling short and the answer might not be as complicated as you think. Take 10 minutes to listen about the reason you need to spend more on marketing, the importance of tracking your efforts, and how it can help you predict your business’s future.

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        •  0:38  Introduction

        • 1:30 Why Remodelers Get Stuck in The $1M to $2M Mark

        • 2:36 The Reason You Need to Spend More on Marketing

        • 4:01 Track Your Marketing  

        • 5:35 How Doubling Down on Marketing Can Help Predictability  

        • 7:30 Operational Issues vs Marketing and Sales Issues



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