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Ep. 138: Point & Shoot: How to Record Your First Video

If you've listened to our recent episodes of Builder Funnel Radio you now know the importance of video marketing, and we've offered some video advice. In this episode, Spencer gives some tips about how to start with that first video to make video marketing a habit for your contracting, remodeling, or home building business.

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Episode 137: How to Get Comfortable in Front of a Camera w/ Ethan Beute

In last week's episode, Spencer talked about the importance of video marketing and offered advice about hiring a videographer. This week, Ethan Beute from BombBomb joined Spencer to talk about how using videos can make a difference for your business, and how to overcome your nervousness about being in front of the camera. 

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Episode 136: Do I Need to Hire a Videographer?

How important is video marketing? Approximately half of the content on the internet is video, and YouTube is the second largest search engine (after Google).  There are various types of videos which can be used on all of your social media platforms, your website pages, and in your emails to connect with your consumers on a deeper level. 

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Episode 87: How to Improve Customer Experience in Your Construction Business w/ Ethan Beute

In this episode, Ethan Beute of BombBomb and The Customer Experience Podcast discusses the importance of human interaction and personalized video in your sales process, and in your business as a whole.

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Episode 85: How to Use Video Marketing in Construction w/ Logan Shinholser

Spencer Powell | Apr 21, 2020 8:40:57 AM | Video Marketing, Builder Funnel Radio

In this episode, Logan Shinholser from Contractor Growth Network discusses the importance of video marketing and gives tips on how to get started using video for your contracting business.

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Episode 60: Sell More Homes & Remodeling Projects with Professional Photos

Spencer Powell | Oct 29, 2019 10:59:23 AM | Video Marketing, Digital Marketing

For the Builder Funnel Radio Growth Series episodes, Spencer and other Builder Funnel teammates discuss actionable ways to achieve continuous growth for yourself and your business.

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