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Episode 68: State of Marketing for Construction

What Will Home Builder & Remodeler Marketing Look Like in 2020?

You can't know what construction marketing is going to look like in 2020 unless you know what everybody else in your industry is doing for their marketing plan. Lucky for you, we asked 102 professionals in each field (home building and remodeling) and asked exactly that. Download the free reports for the inside scoop on what the other guys are doing to improve your own marketing efforts in 2020.

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Episode 48: Recession-Proof Your Remodeling Business w/ David Lupberger

In this episode, Spencer hosts David Lupberger of Remodelforce.com. David is an expert in the "Client for Life" business, which is exactly what it sounds like. When any contract ends, David says, "our relationship is just beginning." With this attitude, David has found a way to turn big project clients, into long term relationships, and arguably avoids the common pitfall of even the most successful remodeling businesses: once a recession rolls around, the phones stop ringing. David has some effective, unusual ways to gain clients for life and avoid the common struggles of recessions. 

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