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Episode 122: When Can You Retire from Your Construction Business?

In this episode, Spencer talks about his thoughts on retirement, what retirement means to him, and how passive income can get you the financial freedom you desire! 

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Episode 121: Business Growth, Early Retirement & Habit Building

In this episode, Laura DiBenedetto talks about her early retirement, what that looked like, and why it isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Find out how Laura views happiness and what her 6 habits are for success and happiness. 

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Episode 120: How to Double Your Remodeling Business from $2.6M to $5M in 2 Years

In another episode of our Growth Series, Spencer discusses what you need to focus on to take your business to the next level. From Google Ads to premium content, listen to how you can continue growing your business by doing the little things behind the scenes so you can cut down on things such as Cost Per Lead.

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Episode 119: Make More Money in Your Construction Business w/ Stephen King

In this episode, Stephen King and Spencer Powell discuss profitability and what you should be thinking about when trying make a profit. Stephen also talks about the importance of turnover, pricing, cash flow, and much more!

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Episode 118: How to Create a Remodeler Marketing Plan for 2021

In this episode, Spencer talks about creating your marketing plan for 2021 by touching on the important aspects you should be thinking about as you work through it. He also talks about what you can do to achieve your goals for the coming year, as well as for years to come. 

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Episode 117: Video, Virtual Reality, and the Future of Selling Homes

In this episode, Brian Barrett covers how construction businesses should handle marketing campaigns and what to look for while getting things set up. Brian also gets into the world of VR & self guided tours, and how all of the modern technology is being utilized in the construction industry.

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Episode 116: Supporting Men's Health in Residential Construction

Dennis Gillan is a mental health advocate and motivational speaker. Dennis discusses Movember, men's mental health awareness, as well as discussing why the construction industry faces such high rates of suicide compared to other industries.

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Episode 115: 2020 State of Remodeler Marketing Report

In this special episode of Builder Funnel Radio, Nicole and Spencer discuss the 2020 State of Remodeler Marketing Report and which marketing priorities have changed for remodelers from 2019 to 2020. 
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Episode 114: Marketing, Sales, Project Management

In this week's episode, Spencer talks about the importance of having different tools to support your marketing & sales efforts, embracing all of this technology, and finding ways to connect and automate your efforts to make your daily life a little easier. 

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Episode 113: How to Use BIM Modeling to Differentiate Yourself

In this week's episode, Tyler and Eddie Campbell tell us a little about how they got into construction industry, and what their business looks like today. They'll fill us in on ways to streamline production and improve profit margins, as well as different sales opportunities and what modern home buying looks like in 2020!

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