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Ep 169: Is the #1 Source of Business for Remodelers Changing?

In the past few years, a lot has changed because of the global pandemic. So how does that impact your remodeling business? In this week's episode, Spencer dives into how business is generated for most remodelers and how that approach is currently changing and adapting due to our increased comfortability with technology! Learn more about how the most popular source of business is changing!

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Ep 168: Critical Marketing & Sales Metrics Remodelers Need to Track

How do you know if your marketing is working for your remodeling business? It’s all about the metrics! In this week’s episode, Spencer dives into the most important high-level marketing metrics that your remodeling business should be focusing on. Learn more about website traffic, raw leads, and closed customers, and more!

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Ep 167: Winning the Contractor Fight w/ Tom Reber

Getting past your thoughts and doubts is the first step in Tom Reber’s book, Winning The Contractor Fight. In this episode, Spencer speaks with Tom Reber, author and contractor business coach, who believes it’s time to step on the gas peddle and claim your brand. Check out this episode to find out how to overcome obstacles, find a healthy balance for your wellbeing, and multiply the Benjamins!

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Ep 166: Movember w/ Malachi Price

According to the Center for Disease Control, construction has the highest suicide rate of all industries, at 53.2 suicides per 100,000 workers. That's about four times greater than the national average. If you or someone you know is struggling, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. It's ok to ask for help! In this week’s episode, Spencer is joined by a fellow teammate, Malachi Price, Marketing Consultant at Builder Funnel, to discuss the importance of Movember, a charity that focuses on advocacy for men's mental health.

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Ep 165: Ask Spencer: What to Do with Business Profits & How to Find Good Employees

For this episode, our listeners submitted their burning questions about "all things business," and Spencer offers his answers. In this Q&A, Spencer touches on questions about business profit, recruitment strategies, and delegation! Do you have a question about your remodeling business? Submit your questions today!

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Ep 163: How to Create a Marketing Plan for My Remodeling Business

In this episode, Spencer talks about how to create a marketing plan for your remodeling business. Learn about the importance of tracking traffic revenue broken down by channels, strategizing funds, and much more!

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Ep 162: How to Make Your Business More Valuable w/ Duane Johns

Starting your own remodeling, contracting, or home building business is a big undertaking! Duane Johns, co-host of Builder Nuggets and regional partner of Alair Homes, joins Spencer in this episode to share some advice on creating your own business freedom. Check out this episode to learn more about creating an exit strategy, how to avoid getting stuck in your company, and how to create freedom in your business.

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Episode 135: Fine Home Contracting w/ David Perrotti

On this week's episode, David Perrotti from Fine Home Contracting joins Spencer to talk about his company and his recent book (Fine Home Contracting: Finding, Fixing, and Funding Your Dream Home or Investment Property)! Listen to hear more about the story of Fine Home Contracting, David's vision for the coming years, and how David is using his book to marketing himself and his company. 

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Episode 133: What Is Lobster on a Cheese Plate? w/ Mark Harari

On this week's episode, Spencer talks with Mark Harari about marketing advice for remodelers. The discussion brings up topics about best practices for marketing, trends to look out for, favorite parts of marketing, and Mark Harari's new book Lobster on a Cheese Plate

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Episode 132: Spencer & Danielle’s Top Picks for Construction Industry Blogs, Podcasts, Books, & More

If you are looking for books to read, podcasts to listen to, or blogs to browse, our team always has new recommendations! Listen to this week's podcast to hear about some of Spencer and Danielle's favorite content. Their recommendations include content specifically related to the construction industry, leadership, habits, mindset, and more!

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