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Ep 163: How to Create a Marketing Plan for My Remodeling Business

In this episode, Spencer talks about how to create a marketing plan for your remodeling business. Learn about the importance of tracking traffic revenue broken down by channels, strategizing funds, and much more!

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Episode 107: How to Brand Your Local Construction Business w/ Dave Miles

In this episode, Dave Miles of Miles Brand discusses all things branding. He talks about branding on a local level, how much you should be spending on marketing tactics, and how to differentiate your brand.

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Episode 106: Do These 5 Things to Build a Successful Construction Business

In this episode, Spencer dives into some of his top leadership and business lessons. He discusses the top 5 things that have made the biggest impact on his business and how you can incorporate them into your construction business.

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Episode 105: Staying Ahead of the Curve w/ Lindsay and Paul Colwell

In this episode, Lindsay and Paul Colwell, of Cullum Homes, discuss how they are pushing the envelope in terms of technology, processes, and systems.

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Episode 104: Do You Have a Process for Generating Leads Consistently?

In this episode, Spencer discusses how to generate a consistent lead flow. Without leads, you have no sales opportunity. Without sales opportunity, you have no revenue. 

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The Ugly Truth About Home Advisor & Houzz

In this bonus episode, Dana Severson, head of marketing at BuildBook, discusses the challenges small to medium-sized building and remodeling companies may face with online marketplaces, specifically with Home Advisor and Houzz. He discusses the pros and cons of each service, helpful information, and free marketing resources for construction companies.

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Episode 103: Content Marketing for Remodelers & Other Monetization Models w/ Bryan Sebring

In this episode, Bryan Sebring, from Sebring Design Build based out of Chicago, discusses what he has learned in the past 5 years about digital marketing from building his company’s website. He talks about the importance of understanding what good quality, value-driven digital marketing looks like to increase leads and grow you construction business. Spencer and Bryan also discuss ways to monetize your website through advertisements. 

How does your business use digital marketing? 


Hear all about it on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 102: How to Think About Marketing & Sales

In this episode, Spencer dives into thinking about sales and marketing as one revenue funnel. Traditionally, there has been a battle between marketing and sales. But in reality, it is one revenue team.

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Episode 101: The Power of a Modern Website w/ Luke Summerfield

In this episode, Luke Summerfield, the Go To Market Lead for the HubSpot CMS, discusses all things website platform. He dives into how to think about your website platform, how to think about your website as a marketing tool, and explores the tradeoffs of different systems.

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Episode 100: 100 Hours of Growth

In this episode, Spencer reflects on the past 100 episodes of Builder Funnel Radio. He highlights the 5 top takeaways, lessons learned from our guests, and the future of Builder Funnel Radio.

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