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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 16: Feedback and Takeaways

After 15 weeks and 15 episodes of our new show, The Construction Technology Update, we want to hear your thoughts! In this episode, Spencer shares his main takeaways from the first 15 episodes, and ideas that he has for future episodes. Listen to hear what Spencer thinks and send us an email to share your feedback as well!

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Ep 157: From College Athletes to Construction Business Owners w/ 10X Builders

In this episode, Alani and AJ from 10X Builders share their stories with Spencer about how they went from being college athletes to owning a custom home-building company. Listen to hear more about Alani and AJ's student-athlete experience in college, getting an education in construction management, how their athletic experience translated into entrepreneurship, and some fun stories about their times playing college and professional football!

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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 15: Jeff Wraley from Groundwork

Do you want an easier way to get qualified leads? Groundwork acts as a virtual sales system for residential contractors to save businesses time in finding the ideal leads. In this episode, Jeff Wraley from Groundwork joins Spencer to share more about how the platform makes it easy for homeowners to take videos of their project so contractors can save time evaluating prospective leads.

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Ep 156: How to Get the Most out of the Remodeler’s Advantage Summit? w/ Victoria Downing

The past 18 months since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic have been a whirlwind for the remodeling industry. Victoria Downing from Remodeler's Advantage joins Spencer in this episode to chat about the trends in the remodeling industry and offers recommendations for what remodelers should do during the current unpredictable trends in the market. 

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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 14: Mark Olson from JobNimbus

Could you imagine if all of your back office responsibilities could get easier? JobNimbus essentially creates an electronic back office for your contracting business to automate and organize your CRM, project management, billing, and more! Check out this podcast to hear Mark Olson share more with Spencer about JobNimbus and how you can work with them as a partner to improve your business!

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Ep 155: Should Contractors Be Marketing On Nextdoor?

Are you using Nextdoor for your home building, remodeling, or contracting business? Nextdoor is a community-driven platform that ultimately can act as an inbound marketing channel for your company. You can use it to provide resources, offering recommendations, and engaging with other users and businesses in your neighborhood. So, should you be marketing on Nextdoor? Only if you are willing to invest the time!

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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 13: Gabe Paez from The Wild

Do you want to differentiate your construction company and lead the next generation of construction technology? In this episode, Gabe Paez, the founder and CEO of The Wild, joins Spencer to talk about how augmented reality and virtual reality can change the future of the construction industry. The Wild's AR technology allows you to see the design and the unfinished construction progress at the same time to see how your vision will come to life in its space. 

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Ep 154: Turn Your Construction Business into a Brand Worth Remembering w/ Andi Paradis

Branding is all about making your company memorable and associating emotions with your brand that you want consumers to feel when they see your name or interact with your company. If you're ready to start improving your brand, come listen to some of the basics of branding with Andi Paradis and Spencer. They talk about how branding starts with knowing your audience, how a well-designed website can impact lead conversion, and auditing your brand to identify room for improvements. 

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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 12: Chris Pallatroni from Modernize

Are you looking to grow your contracting business? Chris Pallatroni, a thought leader in the home improvement industry and co-founder of Modernize, joins Spencer in this week's episode to share how Modernize can help contractors promote their businesses and connect with more leads. Modernize is like Match.com, but for contracting. The platform connects contractors who are looking for more work with home owners who are looking for someone to hire for a project.

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Ep 153: 7 Contractor Marketing Ideas You May Have Overlooked

Are you looking for more ways to market your home building, remodeling, or contracting business? In this bonus Growth Series episode, Spencer shares 7 marketing ideas that he thinks are not utilized enough in the residential construction industry. Come listen to these 7 overlooked marketing tactics and consider which options you could try out next!

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