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Episode 136: Do I Need to Hire a Videographer?

How important is video marketing? Approximately half of the content on the internet is video, and YouTube is the second largest search engine (after Google).  There are various types of videos which can be used on all of your social media platforms, your website pages, and in your emails to connect with your consumers on a deeper level. 

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Episode 135: Fine Home Contracting w/ David Perrotti

On this week's episode, David Perrotti from Fine Home Contracting joins Spencer to talk about his company and his recent book (Fine Home Contracting: Finding, Fixing, and Funding Your Dream Home or Investment Property)! Listen to hear more about the story of Fine Home Contracting, David's vision for the coming years, and how David is using his book to marketing himself and his company. 

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Episode 134: Why Email Marketing Is Underrated + Crypto Currency

This week's episode is a bit of a double feature! Spencer opens up this episode by sharing his experiencing with investing in Crypto Currency. Keep note that Spencer is sharing his experience, not advice (he is not a financial advisor). For the rest of the episode, Spencer switches gears to talk about email marketing, by offering advice about how often you should send emails and what benefits email marketing has to offer. 

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Episode 133: What Is Lobster on a Cheese Plate? w/ Mark Harari

On this week's episode, Spencer talks with Mark Harari about marketing advice for remodelers. The discussion brings up topics about best practices for marketing, trends to look out for, favorite parts of marketing, and Mark Harari's new book Lobster on a Cheese Plate

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Episode 131: Make Your Money Work for You w/ Krisstina Wise

Why are people afraid to talk about money? In this episode, Spencer chats with Krisstina Wise about this concept. If you're interested in learning more about investing, budgeting, growing your wealth, and managing that wealth, then this podcast will teach you what you're looking for! 

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Episode 130: An Honest Discussion on Instagram for Remodelers, Contractors, & Builders

Do you need some advice about how to manage your Instagram? Join Spencer and Tyler to review the basics of Instagram, then hear them discuss some specifics about consistency, strategy, and time commitment. 

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Episode 129: How to Close More Home Improvement Leads

Want some tips and tricks for trying to secure leads?

In this episode, Josh Carter from Hatch talks with Spencer about the best practices for getting in touch and following up with leads. 

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Episode 128: The Contractor “Lead Matrix”

Want to increase your close rates and improve your lead/sales process?

In this episode, Spencer breaks down the framework of the "Lead Matrix," and how it can separate you from competitors in this industry. 

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Episode 127: The Power of Inbound Marketing for Custom Builders

In this episode, Andrew Giannattasio talks about his relationship with Builder Funnel, and how Builder Funnel was able to take his marketing to the next level. Find out why Andrew has stuck around with us for so long, and learn about some of his experiences along the way!

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Episode 126: Power Partnerships

In this episode, Spencer talks about the importance of finding other businesses with similar audiences, and how you can team up to form a symbiotic business relationship that will benefit you, your partners, and your clients. 

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