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Ep 168: Critical Marketing & Sales Metrics Remodelers Need to Track

How do you know if your marketing is working for your remodeling business? It’s all about the metrics! In this week’s episode, Spencer dives into the most important high-level marketing metrics that your remodeling business should be focusing on. Learn more about website traffic, raw leads, and closed customers, and more!

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Ep 165: Ask Spencer: What to Do with Business Profits & How to Find Good Employees

For this episode, our listeners submitted their burning questions about "all things business," and Spencer offers his answers. In this Q&A, Spencer touches on questions about business profit, recruitment strategies, and delegation! Do you have a question about your remodeling business? Submit your questions today!

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Ep 164: How to Attract & Retain Top Talent to Your Remodeling Company w/ Danielle Russell

Attracting and retaining talented and skilled workers can be a big challenge for many remodeling companies. In this episode, Spencer talks with Danielle Russell, President of Builder Funnel, about the importance of company culture, shared experiences and retaining for the future. Check out this episode to learn more about Builder Funnel’s hiring and retention processes and our big takeaways that you can apply to your company! 

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Ep 163: How to Create a Marketing Plan for My Remodeling Business

In this episode, Spencer talks about how to create a marketing plan for your remodeling business. Learn about the importance of tracking traffic revenue broken down by channels, strategizing funds, and much more!

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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 19: Nick Keyko from Jobber

When customer expectations change, businesses should adapt to meet the new preferences, such as shifting to paperless quotes and invoices. Spencer chats with Nick Keyko from Jobber who shares how his company offers business management software to help small businesses evolve their job tracking and customer management to cater to new consumer needs. Listen to hear more about how Jobber can help your contracting or remodeling company improve business management items like scheduling, quoting, and invoicing!

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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 18: Noah Baker from Touchplan

The Construction Tech Update is back this week with Noah Baker joining Spencer to talk about Touchplan! Noah is the Senior Solutions Engineer for Touchplan which is a field-collaborative planning space that aims to make the planning and management of construction projects easier. Through data analytics, the app helps contractors improve efficiency throughout projects to increase profitability

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Ep 161: Maximize Your Remodeling Company’s Online Presence [Website Directories, SEO & More]

Are you ready to maximize your remodeling company's online and social media presence? In this episode of the Growth Series, Spencer breaks down Builder Funnel’s new service, the Remodeler Marketing Blueprint, that will help you achieve results, guaranteed! Come listen to how this new tool can maximize your online presence!

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Ep 159: Why Home Builders & Remodelers Still Don't Show Up in Google Search

Spencer starts this episode with another question that was asked on Builder Funnel Academy about Google Ads. From there, the episode views a broader question about how to improve your company's Google ranking. Spencer covers topics like keyword bidding, service pages, NAP (name, address, phone number), and more!

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The Construction Tech Update Ep. 17: Harri Majala from GBuilder

In this episode, Spencer is joined by Harri Majala, the CEO and founder of GBuilder. To improve the customer journey and shopping experience for residential construction projects, GBuilder developed a BIM-based (Building Information Modeling) digital platform that streamlines the customer journey management process and project communication across construction sites.

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Ep 158: Honest Advice for General Contractors Just Getting Started w/ Kyle Hunt

Starting a remodeling, contracting, or home building business is challenging! Kyle Hunt from Remodelers on the Rise joins Spencer in this episode to share some advice about the first things you should do when starting a business, and the things you should avoid. Check out this episode to hear more about the importance of understanding your numbers, solidifying your sales process, figuring out who you should hire first, doing fun things for your clients, and more!

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