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Episode 80: Display Ads & PPC vs. Content Assets

Are display ads overrated? Display ads and pay-per-click (A.K.A. PPC) are useful at driving traffic but may not be converting leads once they get to your website. In this episode, Spencer talks about why content assets may be a better investment.

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Episode 78: Should Builders & Remodelers Be Podcasting for Marketing?

How could podcasting benefit your remodeling or home builder business? In this episode, Spencer goes through his experience with podcasting and gives tips on how contractors can use the format to their advantage to take their business to the next level.

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Episode 77: Build Your Dream Team with Vicki Suiter

How to Build Your Dream Team

How do you build your dream team? And how do you maintain it once you get there? In this episode, Vicki Suiter, owner of Suiter Business Builders in Novato, CA, guides us through the process of building a dream team by focusing on what truly motivates your employees and being clear about what defines success for your team from the get-go.

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Episode 76: From ME to TEAM: Lessons Learned from 10 Years Building & Leading a Team


Tips for Creating a Positive Work Environment

How do you create a positive work environment? Spencer gives a rundown on how he started his builder Funnel with a focus on the team and core values in order to grow Builder Funnel's culture from the ground up.

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Episode 75: How Magleby Construction Is Succeeding with Vertical Integration

Spencer Powell | Feb 11, 2020 9:19:05 AM | Marketing Strategy, Lead Generation

Vertical integration. The term itself is daunting, but the results are lucrative. In this episode, Pierrette Tierney, VP of Business Development at Magleby Construction, lifts the veil and gives the lowdown on how you can make vertical integration work for your company.


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Episode 62: How the Trade War Is Affecting the Construction Industry with Taylor Rennick

Spencer Powell | Nov 12, 2019 9:42:59 AM | Marketing Strategy

Builder Funnel Growth Series

For the Builder Funnel Radio Growth Series episodes, Spencer and other Builder Funnel teammates discuss actionable ways to achieve continuous growth for yourself and your business.

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