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Ep. 150: What Real Estate Inflation Means for Contractors in 2021

Over the past month, the United States has faced an inflation rate of around 4-6% which is nearly double the inflation that we usually expect annually. During these times when the demand for housing is exceeding the supply and while prices are inflating, how can home builders, remodelers, and contractors capitalize on the market and ensure success? 

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Ep. 149: How to Make Your Construction Company More Valuable w/ John Warrillow

Are you looking for ways to make your home building, remodeling, or contracting company more valuable? In this episode, John Warrillow, author of Built to Sell, joins Spencer to share his advice about how to:

  1. Focus your business on a narrow and targeted service
  2. Make your service repeatable
  3. Turn your service into a product

Listen to hear more from John Warrillow and learn how to make your construction company more valuable!

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Ep. 148: What Is Marketing and Sales Automation and How Does it Save Your Team's Time?

It has been a busy time lately for the home building, remodeling, and contracting industries because of the leads that summer months typically bring on top of the booming housing market. In this episode, we have some tips about marketing and sales automation to help free up some of your time to make you slightly less busy. Come listen to Spencer's advice about marketing and sales automation and how it can make your life a little bit easier!

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Ep 147: Using Branding to Attract the Perfect Customers w/ Eric Price

How do you come up with a good name for your business? What do you want people to think of when they think of your name and business? This is all about branding. In this week's episode, Eric Price from Bearded Builders joins Spencer to talk about how he branded his company to attract the right employees and customers. 

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Ep 146: How Much Should You Be Spending on Marketing?

How much money should your home building, remodeling, or contracting business spend on marketing? In this week's episode, Spencer overviews what percentage of your revenue should be allocated to your marketing budget, what the budget should cover, and how to plan this budget based on your goals rather than your current state.

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Episode 145: Making Your Website Battle Ready w/ Erik Cofield

Are you looking to improve your website for your home building, remodeling, or contracting business? In this week's episode, Erik Cofield from the Association of Professional Builders joins Spencer to talk about websites for home builders. Erik introduces several website best practices by showcasing some common mistakes, and explaining how to optimize your website to get found by qualified leads

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Episode 144: How to Start Marketing Today

In this episode, Spencer talks about how to get started today with marketing for your home building, remodeling, or contracting business. Come listen to hear some beginner marketing tips and get your foot in the door!

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Episode 143: Southern Green Builders' Success with Builder Funnel & Branding

Join us on this week's episode to hear from one of our clients! In this episode, Drew Ondrey joins Spencer to talk about Southern Green Builders' experience as one of our clients. The conversation ranges from home technology, to personal branding, to seeing results as lead generation. If you're looking for marketing services for your contracting, remodeling, or home building business — check out this episode to hear more about working with Builder Funnel!

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Episode 142: 5 Strategic Moves for a HOT Construction Market

If you're a home builder, contractor, or remodeler, you probably know that the market for construction is HOT right now. How should you take advantage of this construction market boom? What should you do if you're getting too many leads? Come listen to Spencer's advice about some strategies that you should consider while the construction market is hot! If you want to hear more details about these strategies, check out Spencer's recent webinar with CoConstruct.

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Episode 141: What to Do When You Have Too Many Leads w/ Brian Freeman

This week's episode is all about leads! How do you get more leads? How do you get the right leads? What do I do if I get too many leads? First, Brian Freeman started making video content, email marketing, podcasts, and more to get more leads. Then he had to make sure he was bringing the right ones down the funnel. Hear more about how Brian Freeman uses content to get the right leads, and what he does when he has "too many" leads. 

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