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Episode 129: How to Close More Home Improvement Leads

Want some tips and tricks for trying to secure leads?

In this episode, Josh Carter from Hatch talks with Spencer about the best practices for getting in touch and following up with leads. 

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Episode 92: Too Many Leads?

In this episode, Spencer explains why he doesn't believe in "too many leads". He talks about how more leads can lead to better leads, especially if you introduce a good pre-qualification process.

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Episode 81: Sales Strategies for Contractors with Mike Claudio

Are you struggling with wasting time on the wrong prospects? You're not alone. In this episode, Mike Claudio of WinRate Consulting gives us his best sales tips and strategies he's developed throughout his career.

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Episode 79: Turning Internet Leads into Construction Sales with Leah Fellows

Do you treat your website like a sales tool, like a digital model home? You should. In this episode, Leah Fellows of Blue Gypsy, Inc. gives us her best online sales tips informed by over 14 years in home builder sales.

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Episode 64: How to Build Your Future Marketing & Sales Pipeline

Spencer Powell | Nov 26, 2019 9:30:09 AM | Lead Conversion, Lead Generation

Builder Funnel Growth Series

Builder Funnel Radio Growth Series, featuring Spencer Powell and other Builder Funnel teammates, discuss actionable ways to achieve continuous growth for yourself and your business.

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