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Episode 39: Lean Operations for Construction with Joe Stoddard

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Joe Stoddard of mountainconsulting.com.

Joe is an expert in homebuilder processes and systems. He helps homebuilders and remodelers get their businesses under control by identifying problems in their operations and helping fix them.

Joe talks about everything from why systems are so important, how to achieve the "ZERO" Punch-list, how to master the warranty process, and much more. If you own a growing or struggling construction company, then this episode is for you.

Check it out here on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 38: Making Profit A Habit with Shawn Van Dyke

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Shawn Van Dyke of Profitfirstcontractor.com.

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Episode 37: Mastering Home Builder Customer Service w/ Carol Smith

In this week's episode, Spencer hosts Carol Smith of Home Address. We talk about Customer Service, and how it can be used to grow your business. Carol got her start by doing mortgages when interest rates were 15%+! Can you imagine?!

Carol discovered that she had a knack for the customer service element, and after her boss sent her to Washington DC to give a presentation on customer service -  Carol decided to pursue a career in the field and has been doing it ever since. Now Carol helps construction business owners rework or build from the ground up - fantastic customer service systems.

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Episode 18: An Expert Guide to Public Relations with Carol Morgan

In this weeks episode we talk to Carol Morgan of Denim Marketing. Carol focuses on marketing strategy and integrating public relations, social media, content, and creative to tell engaging stories for clients that garner measurable traffic and show ROI. She gives relevant PR tips that can increase traffic to your business. So if your business is ready for the next stage of growth, this podcast is a must listen.

You can learn all of Carol's tips here on Builder Funnel Radio.
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Episode 16: How to Create a Killer Home Sales Process w/ Debra Bernard

In this week's episode, we talk to Debra Bernard of the Bernard Partnership. Debra takes us through the home sales process step by step. She talks about what your sales team should look like, how to research the right home product for your market, and even takes us step by step through the model home set-up and how to use it as a closing tool. Debra got her start in the home building business in 1979, she has picked up a lot of cool tips and tricks along the way. You can learn them here on Builder Funnel Radio.

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Episode 15: New Home Sales Management: Close 50 Sales a Year w/ Kimberly Mackey

In this week's episode, we talk to Kimberly Mackey of New Homes Solutions about the ins and outs of new home sales management. Kimberly even shares her tips on how to close 50 sales per year before walk-in traffic! Kimberly was managing new home sales in the mid 2000's when the housing market crashed. During the downturn, she shifted her focus from sales to consulting. Kimberly started helping home builders climb out of the recession by sharing with them the knowledge she gained as a New Home Sales Manager.

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Erin Lewis Podcast on Online Reviews

Episode 12: Navigating the World of the Reputation Economy with Erin Lewis

In this week's episode, I host Erin Lewis. Erin is a member of the GuildQuality team, and she helps construction professionals develop and nurture their relationships with their clients. She works with them to recognize that happier customers yield more revenue.

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Quint Lears Podcast with Builder Funnel

Episode 11: Partnering with Brokers with Quint Lears

In this week's episode, I host Quint Lears. Quint is a new home sales expert with over a decade of sales and marketing experience. He has not only been featured in magazines, but in 5 books related to new home sales and marketing!  In addition, he has just completed his book, Builder Broker Synergy, which is the first book in the industry dedicated to educating builders and new home sales people on how to work effectively with real estate brokers to increase new home sales.

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